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Speech Comparisons Essay

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Essay on speech comparisons Both extract A and extract B have a similar function of informing their audiences about the topic on which they are based on. In Extract A the topic is centred on drug abuse and police investigations so an additional function this topic has is shocking the audience (locals in range of the radio station). Extract B however has a specific audience- those who have an interest pertaining to bikes. To some extent extract B is slightly entertaining too, as the audience hears former World Champion Cyclist, Ned Overend's voice. The spontaneous spoken interaction in A has the presenter Mark Turnbull in the dominant role as he initiates the conversation and gives the interviewee, a police officer, a point on which he can elaborate. ...read more.


He then gives the cue to the police officer, Garett by saying, "so er twelve thousand pounds worth ey er Mr Garett". By indirectly allowing Garett to speak, it tells the audience that Turnball is leading this conversation. Turnball also asks the questions, therefore deciding the topic of the next response he receives. Although Garett does not have lengthy, developed answers he does not change the topic (therefore creating a topic shift) nor does he interrupt Turnball when he is speaking. It is most likely that Turnball is allowing Garett to speak largely to keep the audiences attention on the police investigation. The more information the public is given, the more inclined they are to continue listening to the programme. This clear dominant role is seen in Extract B also- there are set questions asked and in no way dictate the direction of the conversation. ...read more.


It may be that he pronounces words in their entirety even during spontaneous speech. On the other hand, the magazine editors may have deliberately edited the interview as it would be a lot harder to read it if the utterances were typed out exactly as they were said. The semantic field of both the extracts are extremely different: where one is full of police jargon "intelligence" "source" "inspector", the other uses word specific to the field of bikes "suspension systems" "hardtail". By using words such as intelligence and source, it makes Garrett sound as though he is deeply involved with the case. Likewise, the semantics of Extract B helps the Overend sound in his element and professional. He is using language that only other serious cyclists will probably understand. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Language- Frances Barter Sabiha Museji 08/12/2008 14:03:00 - 1 - ...read more.

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