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Stephenss relationship with the Haywards has varied throughout the novel Spies

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"Spies" Stephens Relationship with the Hayward's Stephens's relationship with the Hayward's has varied throughout the novel "Spies". I am going to look at how Stephen's relationship with Keith, Mr Hayward and Mrs Hayward has changed through the novel. Stephen and Keith have a good friendship at the beginning of the novel but changes towards the end when Stephen gets involved with Barbara Berrill and learns more about "the German spy". In the beginning of the novel we learn that Stephen and Keith are good friends but Keith is the leader of the two "Keith's the investigator and commander of every enterprise" and Stephen does as Keith says and follows. ...read more.


Keith tries to cut Stephen's throat "the pressure of the blade against my windpipe" although this shows the change of their relationship as they are not going to be friends anymore but it also shows Keith imitating Mr Hayward. Through the novel we see that the relationship has changed from good friends to hating each other. Mrs Hayward's "Bobs" and Stephens relationship is the opposite of Stephen and Keith's relationship as start off and not speaking to each other to friends. At the beginning of the novel we know Stephen and Mrs Hayward doesn't have a good relationship as Stephen says she doesn't address him directly "doesn't Stephen have homework to do...?" ...read more.


Mr Hayward and Stephen's relationship doesn't change at all. The only thing that changes between the two is that at the beginning Mr Hayward doesn't address Stephen directly "Stephen didn't exist but at the end Mr Hayward does talk to him "old chap?" This doesn't improve their relationship as Mr Hayward only addresses him because he wants something. Stephen was scared of Mr Hayward at the beginning but becomes brave to him "And I won't" this bravery only last for about 30 seconds though and everything goes back to normal. Therefore their relationship does not change and don't have a good relationship. In conclusion Stephens relationship doesn't change with Mr Hayward. But his and Mrs Hayward and Keith's relationship has had a dramatic change from either good to bad or bad to good. 1 ...read more.

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