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Stranger on a Train - Alfred Hitchcock

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Stranger on a Train Alfred Hitchcock The very first scene when Bruno meets Guy, Bruno is depicted as a baddy by having shadows of blinds cast across his face. These symbolised the bars of a prison. There also is a close up shot of his shoes, which shows them as being very expensive and posh. In Medcafe, when Guy meets his wife Miriam to have the meeting with the counsellor, it is based in a very sinister environment in a music shop. This is when Miriam cheats on Guy and says that she is going to stay married to him. When Bruno visits Guy on the evening of the murder outside Guys house, they both end up standing and talking to each other behind a barred gate from the cameras point of view. It is at this point when Guy calls Bruno crazy. ...read more.


Bruno first meets Guys family and friends at a tennis match and he pretends he is Guys friend and his admirer. Anne Morton then begins to wonder about him as he keeps staring at Barbara and her glasses. Guy gets a package delivered to him, which contains a gun and a plan of Bruno's house to show where Bruno's Father's bedroom is. Guy next sees Bruno at a party where all his friends and family and acquaintances are. Here Bruno starts a conversation with a lady about how to murder someone without other people hearing or seeing. He then says he will show her how to, and when he goes to demonstrate it he sees Barbara, who looks like Miriam and falls into a 'trance'. Anne Morton worked out that it was Bruno who murdered Miriam and wanted to go to the police but Guy explained that he couldn't tell the police because Bruno would say that they had planned it together. ...read more.


He finally won the tennis match and got away temporarily from the police but not successfully. The police caught up with Guy and tried to take him back to jail but Guy and Bruno started to have a fight on the merry-go-round at the fairground. Here Bruno wants revenge so much because Guy has not killed his father you can see it in his eyes and the way he acts, he is so eager to get back at Guy. The man in charge of the boating lake pointed out the man who he had seen follow Miriam onto the boating lake and the police assumed it was Guy but when the got hold of Guy the man corrected them and said it was Bruno not Guy. Even when Bruno was lying dying on the destroyed merry-go-round he was still trying to get Guy into trouble and it was only when he finally died that the police believed Guy and found Guys lighter in Bruno's hand. ...read more.

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