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Study of two scenes from Romeo and Juliet.

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R + J Coursework By Adam Jenner Introduction The two scenes which Romeo and Juliet meet are both filled with an emotional tension however there is a different sort of tension in the two scenes. For instance in the first scene the concern is over how the love could even be born and how it would affect their families. In the second scene it is more a case of how can their love survive so soon after it was first created. The language used in each scene is also different and complex on different levels, whether it is merely comparisons to Greek goddesses or perhaps questioning the importance of words Shakespeare has put it into the mouths of Romeo and Juliet. First Scene The first scene begins with Romeo appearing beneath Juliet's balcony. It starts with him comparing Juliet to the sun, rising and killing the envious moon with references to Greek mythology. ...read more.


Then she talks of how great Romeo is and just then he makes himself heard and gives Juliet the shock of her life. Romeo then swears that his love is true and that he would give his name up for their love. The scene finishes by Juliet being called back by the nurse and Juliet telling Romeo that if his love is true to send word to her at when and where they can be wed. Second scene The second scene begins with the same sort of position as the first with Romeo coming to visit her in secretly at her chamber. However the situation is different, the language is used in a very different way and from the use of certain words even the most unobservant of audiences could pick up very easily what is going on in the story. ...read more.


"It is the sound of the Nightingale not that of The Lark" The above meaning that it is the sound of a bird of the night not the day and that therefore Romeo does not need to go. As his banishment starts at sunrise of that day. Conclusion These two scenes have many similarities in that, for example, they are both set at the Capulet mansion and they both have meetings in secrecy away from prying eyes. Also they are both scenes where lots of questions are going through the minds of both Romeo and Juliet like, how their love can survive. However they are also very different, for example, in the first scene it all seemed so simple all they had to do was to denounce their surnames and they would live happily ever after, so to speak. Whereas in the second scene the sheer harshness of the argument between their families was really at a strong point and it seemed that it was almost impossible to make anything of their love. [740 words approx] ...read more.

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