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Suicide is a desperate act and in this short story yellow by Peter Carty, the main character, Jon, ends up making the decision to commit suicide.

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Yellow People with problems that they cannot seem to overcome often chose the road "suicide". These problems can both be emotional and physical. And when the problem, that they seem to have, gets out of hand, taking their life suddenly seems to be the best solution. Some even thinks that the people around them will be thankful when they are gone. Or the suicide could be a way of telling them that they should have helped them. Either way, suicide is a desperate act. And in this short story "yellow" by Peter Carty, they main character, Jon, ends up making the decision to commit suicide. Jon, the main character, is in the late thirties, he is a bit overweight, but beside that he describes himself as being in good physical condition. He has a job at a magazine, which is why he is in Egypt to scuba-dive because when his stay is over he has to write about it. ...read more.


He is afraid that he would become nothing, a no one. That he would disappear into emptiness. "The magazine would let him go soon. His writing would dwindle, disappear down to a dot and vanish, his girlfriend would have left long before and he'd cast off from the last of his friends and relatives." He pushes himself to go through the diving because if he does he won't become nobody or as they in the text call yellow. I think the word yellow is in the story used in the meaning coward or fool because a coward doesn't often have the guts to face his own problems. And that is here the subject suicide comes in. Suicide is often associated with being a coward, because of the fact that a coward can't handle his own problems. But Jon on the other hand believes the opposite; he thinks that committing suicide will show people that he isn't a coward or yellow as they call it. ...read more.


I would personally feel uncomfortable if I was going to scuba-dive, because I don't feel like I am in control - I can't breathe like if I was above water. This feeling of no control is what the text "What is Reckless Op about?" is about. Some people love being in a situation where they don't have any control at all. They love practicing extreme sports and pushing themselves to their limits. It is their way to feel that they are alive, because they often find themselves very close to death. However, Jon doesn't fell a thrill by being close to death. He is very insecure about it. He doesn't like to be on the brink of life - it makes him feel yellow. Jon's life isn't very satisfying and therefore he chooses the "easy" way out - which is committing suicide. But the ironic thing about it is that Jon's sees his act as a not yellow thing to do. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gitte, 3.b Engelsk ...read more.

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