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Summarise what Tricia Stallings is saying and comment on her use of language to create the effect that she wants.

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SUMMARISE WHAT TRICIA STALLINGS IS SAYING AND COMMENT ON HER USE OF LANGUAGE TO CREATE THE EFFECT THAT SHE WANTS. In this article, Tricia Stallings reveals that she has escaped from a dirty and squalid place. She is thankful for the fresh air, 24-hour supermarkets and various other 'luxuries' she receives in America. She feels purely that England is uninhabitable. She says that if it was habitable, she would have stayed there. She still loves the people and also the weather. She does not understand why the British people accept the conditions in which they live. America has strict pollution control laws for vehicles while the UK allows its vehicles to emit untreated and harmful gases directly into the lungs and pores of the citizens. Furthermore, she believes that downtown Manhattan is cleaner than the English countryside. ...read more.


She is thankful that America does not get its prevailing winds from the east. She believes that the British are uncooperative, and garbage collectors are unpunctual. She is angry about eggs not being kept refrigerated in shops and homes. As well as that she thinks that the English have no respect for privacy, and they like to invade other people's territory. She feels that Americans have choices and alternatives and can be satisfied in the knowledge that most misery they receive is due to themselves. Tricia Stallings uses depressing, formal phrases. It is a serious article about why she feels that England is not fit to live in. At the start of the article, she uses words like 'battered', 'bruised', 'shocked', and 'sickened'. ...read more.


She is asking the British public why they agree to the conditions they survive in. Tricia Stallings also uses a lot of comparisons between what happens in America and what happens in England. She does this to prove her point and to prove why America is cleaner and better than England. She uses words such as 'gritty', 'grimy', and 'soot-covered'. This gives an effect of pollution and filthiness. When she talks about Americans, she always says 'we Americans'. This means that she is very proud of her nationality and she wants to be known as an American. At the end of the article, she says that at least Americans have choices and options. This is a very arrogant comment and she is trying to boast about the fact that most unhappiness Americans receive is of their own making whereas the desolation that the British receive is not necessarily due to themselves. ...read more.

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