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Synopsis of film " The power of one"

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Carly Hill Synopsis of film " The power of one" I am writing the synopsis of a film called "The power of one", The film was published in 1993 but is set in about 1930 - 1948 in South Africa. The film is about the life of a young boy growing up in South Africa. The film starts in about 1930 with a young seven year old boy. He is English and his name is peter but he is known as PK which he inherited from his father. His father was killed by an elephant so PK lives with his mother. Pk was brought up around black people since a young age and has never thought of them as different. His nanny and best friend are black and they are like family to him. After PKs dad died his mother took over the business but she realised she couldn't cope. It was decided PK would have to go to a boarding school. He was afraid and didn't want to leave his mother but he had to go. ...read more.


PK was then sent to an English town in South Africa to live with his grandfather. It was here he met Doc, a close friend of his grandfather who would be looking after PK. Doc gave PK an education and they became very close until PK was sent away to a prison camp for being English and not Afrikaner. However Doc was treated with respect as he was German. The Afrikaners knew he was German and so just expected him to be nazi but Doc was actually Anti-Nazi but went along with it so he could get to look out for PK. By this time PK had obviously grown up a bit. One of the black men at the prison camp was called Pete and he taught PK how to box and he became an excellent boxer. The Afrikaner guards at the prison camp treated the black people like dirt. One guard even made a black man eat dirt off of his own shoe. The guards also called them " Kaffir " meaning black slave. PK became very popular with the black people as PK treated them as if they were equal, PK became known as " The rainmaker " and that he brought goodness to their life. ...read more.


The two police officers come to the school and say it is to be shut permanently. They then turn up at PK's boxing club they beat everyone up and then burn down the club. They take the owner to prison as on the shop window he had painted a black and white man together. PK tells Maria he loves her and gives her his mother's bracelet. They then decide to teach the lessons secretly at the church but they get caught. Everyone gets beaten up and Botha went to hit PK but Maria gets in the way and gets killed herself. She gets killed by an Afrikaner, one of her own people and black people sing at her funeral. PK goes to live in a black village but the police come searching for him as he gets the blame for the death of Maria. Lots of black people are killed whilst searching for PK but he hides away in a hut. He sees Botha about to shoot an innocent black man and so gives himself up. Botha and PK fight and Botha gets shot in the end. The film then ends with PK and his black friend walking off into the sunset and he says that they are out to bring the world together. ...read more.

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