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T.S Eliots The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (Prufrock) and Journey of the Magi (Magi) presents the reader with ideas of loneliness and isolation within society

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The overall effect of Eliot?s poetry is disturbing. His poems reflect a sense of unloveliness, loneliness, frustration and dislocation. The disturbing nature of T.S Eliot?s poetry reflects the state of the world he sees around him. Through his poetry, Eliot allows the audience to understand the alienated life that he has witnessed. T.S Eliot?s ?The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock? (Prufrock) and ?Journey of the Magi? (Magi) presents the reader with ideas of loneliness and isolation within society. Through this disturbing nature, he is able to express concepts of frustration and unloveliness, portrayed through the lives of the protagonists. Eliot?s central theme of the ?new world? provides him with a device in which he can comment on its apocalyptic condition. ...read more.


?Prufrock? conveys these ideas through the use of the ?overwhelming question?. Repetition of ?there will be time? highlights the unpleasant nature of this question as it causes procrastination and avoidance. In addition to this, Prufrock is frustrated at his place in society as he feels ?formulated? and ?pinned? by the world around him. The depressing tone is also accentuated in ?Magi? as the audience sees seemingly good things being ?regretted? due to the intense bleakness, difficulty and challenge of the journey. The discontent that is expressed through the protagonists in Eliot?s poetry exemplifies the disturbing nature of the society in which Eliot lives. The apocalyptic condition of the new world that Eliot exemplifies in his poetry marks the end of the old order, and the beginning of the new and ill-defined world. ...read more.


?I have heard the mermaids singing? I do not think they will sing to me?. This statement shows that Prufrock has seen the greatness that is possible, but reality has destroyed and weakened society to an ?etherised? state. The comparison to an apocalyptic society within the two poems allows Eliot to express his views of the new world. The chaos that is implicit in ?Prufrock? and ?Magi? indicates the disturbing end of the old world. This overturned society instils frustration and unloveliness upon the world, at which point Eliot is able to explore the lasting effects of such change. As a result of the transition into the new world, isolation and loneliness become apparent in the lives of the protagonists, through their dislocation from the new world. Through his poetry Eliot is able to scrutinize the ways of the new world and the effect that it has on society. ...read more.

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