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Teachers should be friends and role models for students

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´╗┐Teachers should be friends and role models for students Traditionally students expect to be taught. They believe that it is the responsibility of the teacher to pass on to them the information, knowledge and understanding in a topic appropriate at the stage of their studies. This leads to the traditional role of the teacher as one of provider of information in the lecture context. However, as modern education evolves, people?s expectation for teachers? roles also develops. A popular idea claims that teachers shouldn?t be friends or role models for students. ...read more.


Young students are at a critical stage of life, during which they are in bad need of communication with somebody they can trust and share their experience with. Teachers, as intelligent adults, are able to contribute a lot to such a healthy and reciprocal relationship. Secondly, the sound teacher-student relationship facilitates the entire teaching process. As stated in the first paragraph, the major/principal role of a teacher should be a mentor, who imparts knowledge or information to the pupils. To accomplish this role, a pre-existing friendship which acts like lubricant oil will eradicate all the obstacles, as the mentor has already won the trust and respect from his students and thus can pass on knowledge in a more convenient way. ...read more.


In this sense, they crave for some guidance and assistance, which can be from their peers, their parents, and more importantly, from their teachers or tutors. Teachers, who are widely regarded as the mental and behavioral mentors of adolescents, can better fit this role than anybody else. Imagine what kind of achievement Plato could have scored without the instruction and guidance from Socrates. In conclusion, teachers? roles are really diversified. To cultivate better citizens and achieve the educational goals, teachers? roles have gone far beyond the traditional information provider, they can be friends and role models to students. ...read more.

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