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Tension in Of Mice and Men

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Tension in Of Mice and Men The episode I am going to use to show how tension is created in "OF Mice and Men" is when Curley has a fight with Lennie. This section starts near the end of chapter three. It is obvious that somewhere within "Of Mice and Men" Lennie is going to have a confrontation with Curley because of the clues earlier in the book. For example when Lennie and George first meet Curley he is some what unwelcoming and confrontational, "He glanced coldly at George and then at Lennie. His arms gradually bent at the elbows and his hands closed into fists." This seems like Curley is preparing himself for a fight and certainly isn�t the way I would act when I first met someone unless I was highly intimidated by the person, which I think Curley is. After this we find out, from Candy, that Curley does not like big men, "Curley�s like a lot of little guys. He hates big guys." Candy later says this is probably because he isn�t a "big guy" himself. ...read more.


Curley speaks in an apologetic tone to Slim and is "hung" at his elbow, even though Curley was a boxer. Curley was a boxer. Slim is a charter of unknown strength because no-one on the ranch has seen him fight so Curley is now avoiding confrontation even though he went to the barn to look for a fight. Slim now questions Curley�s manhood by saying, "If you can�t look after your own goddamn wife, what do you expect me to do about". This questions Curley's manhood because its saying if he can�t control his wife what can he control. Everyone now starts to insult Curley. It is like they are working as a team against him which is unusual on the ranch because normally people only care about themselves. Carlson insults Curley, "You god-damn punk" and then even Candy joins in with joy "Glove fulla Vaseline". It seems now that Curley has lost face in front of his fellow workers. Tension is created in this past section because Curley is now more than likely very angry, because he glares at Candy, and he is bound to lash out at someone but the reader is trying to anticipate who and when it will be. ...read more.


The next minute Curley was flopping like a fish on a line". Now the roles have changed between Lennie and Curley, because Lennie is now aggressive and Curley is now the scared one, "Curley was white and shrunken". Lennie is now holding onto Curley�s fist and not letting go just like he did with the girl in the red dress, this is because he is scared. George is now shouting at Lennie to let go, "Leggo his hand". Suddenly Lennie lets go and goes to cower against the wall. Lennie doesn�t revel in his victory, " I didn�t wanta... I didn�t wanta hurt him". Slim and Carlson now organise taking Curley to the doctors. Tension has now dropped with Lennie letting go of Curley�s hand. Now George realises what Lennie has done, "Slim, will we get canned now?" He thinks this because Curley is the boss�s son. Tension now peaks a little at the thought of them being canned but then drops because Slim makes Curley agree to not get them canned, "But you jus� tell an� try to get this guy canned and we�ll tell ever�body, an� then will you get the laugh". The section ends with Lennie asking whether he can still tend the rabbits! ...read more.

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