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Text Commentary - Text 25 (Food Glorious Food Anthology)

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´╗┐Text 25 Commentary The text is an advertisement for Grape-Nuts from the 1920s, which featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine and interests the reader through the narrative of a girl called Pam ? the ?surprising Craig girl? who wins races due in part to her exemplary diet. The context of production is that this text would have been created by Post Health Products to advertise their breakfast cereal with an intention to appeal to it?s target audience. It had a focus on the health benefits such as ?iron to enrich the blood? due to the contexts of reception. The advertisement would be read by women ? likely middle class due to the focus on sport and mentions of ?beat the county?s lady?s tennis champion?- who were interested in following the healthiest possible diet and therefore a focus on the health benefits is essential to make the product seem like something beneficial for women and also for their families. The primary purpose is to persuade women to buy Grape-Nuts and there is also the secondary purpose to encourage people to follow a healthier lifestyle similar to the one which enabled ?Pam? to be in ?perfect physical condition.? The text does not follow the discourse conventions that you would expect today if reading an advertisement, as it is in black ...read more.


This is linked to the form of the discourse, as an advertisement there has to be an effort to interest the reader from the start before beginning sections which may not be as entertaining, and this has been achieved. Parts of the texts are linked. The story follows in chronological order, allowing you to picture vividly Pam?s journey down the river to victory. By following this with the quote this allows a smooth transition into the section talking more specifically about Grape-Nuts and this aids cohesion significantly. This allows the text to not bore the reader, but instead follow a natural progression which is more likely to hold their interest. Conjunctions are used to signal the direction of the text, ?for? is used showing the social context ? now because would more likely to be used. A point is given, such as ?Proper food is absolutely essential? and then an explanation, ?for it provides those vital elements which the body must have to be vigorous, healthy and energetic.? The text is set out in columns which enables the text to be easily accessible and also allows room for a small section to the left of the page giving details of what Grape-Nuts provide the body with and also for the coupon to be added at the bottom right without the page becoming cluttered or confusing. ...read more.


become more ?healthy? quickly, and that you should ?get a package from your grocer today.? Semantics and pragmatics There is a focus on the qualities women may have such as being ?graceful? and also those which may be more masculine that can be gained; for example ?strong? or the ability to beat men in races; this adds another meaning to sentences in context ? there is the idea that women may be traditionally weaker than men (or due to the fact Pam was ?the only girl competitor? that they are not really always able or willing to do all required to reach peak ?physical condition) but that this is something which can be overcome, with the mythical Pam challenging the stereotype. The idea that women can be just as good as men is something which would have encouraged women to buy the product. Synonymy is used at times, for example ?vigorous? and ?energetic? are very similar in meaning, and this is used to highlight what could be gained from an improved lifestyle and Grape-Nuts specifically. There is an assumption of shared knowledge between the producer and receiver that health and healthy eating is important (and just in case anyone was unsure there is a section detailing what Grape-Nuts ?supplies the body with? to make it even more appealing). ...read more.

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