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Text Comparision of Two Rcipes for Curry. Text I was produced in 1747 and was taken from the the art of cookery made plain and simple by Hannah Glass. Text J was produced in, 1998 by Ainsly Harriot

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By reference to both texts and to ideas of language study describe and comment on what these texts show about development of language and style over time. Both text I and text J are recipes for different types of curries. Text I was produced in 1747 and was taken from the ?the art of cookery made plain and simple? by Hannah Glass. Text J was produced in, 1998 by Ainsly Harriot from his book ?meals in Minutes?. Both recipes are taken from cookery books whose names suggest the recipes will be simple. The first significant difference I saw was the difference in the texts graphology. They are presented in very different ways, text J stands out as a more typical recipe, something I am more familiar with, it includes clear separations between the ingredients and instructions, also including helpful information about the recipes nutritional values. It?s clear layout makes it easy for someone who intends on making this dish to buy the ingredients prior to making it. ...read more.


The Typography is used to make the recipe easy to follow and understand. The changing of fonts asserts the discourse structure. This is vital as the recipe is in a cookery book that Ainsly Harriot is using to build his brand- therefore the easier the recipe is to follow the more people will like using his recipes and his brand will expand. This is different to Text I because text I was produced in a time before standardisation and computers therefore it was not possible nor was it thought of to use different fonts, however the text still asserts it?s discourse because the title is bolder than the rest of the text. As I have already said Text I was produced before standardisation of the Roman alphabet and the dictionary. The usage of capital letters is random compared to the standard use of them in text J. Another difference this causes is the change in tenses, for example ?If the sauce be too thick? it uses the bare form when it should use the auxiliary ?is? to make it ?if the sauce is too thick. ...read more.


For example in text I the meat used in Rabbit or fowl- compared to fish either cod or haddock in text J. Rabbit and fowls are regarded as quite posh ingredients and is not the type of meat you would be able to buy in the supermarket. I think the intention of this recipe is that the rabbit and fowl would have been killed in the grounds of the house and not bought from a shop. Unlike the fish in text J where the cook would of bought it in the supermarket, you can see the effects of globalisation on our culture our food is not as fresh and sustainable as it would have been in 1747. Text J is written for someone who will buy the products, make the food for them to eat. However in text I the recipe is written for a cook who would have all the ingredients provided for them to make for the house they work for. Text I uses the phrase ? dish it up and tend it to the table? which is something that you wouldn?t find in a modern recipe. ...read more.

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