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Text transformation

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Romeo and Juliet Text Transformation Juliet's Monologue My love for Romeo is so strong. The feeling, the passion between us is overpowering. I know that we can't be together but why does this heart ache to see him? To hold him, side by side sitting there together, it's so magical that only Romeo and I can see this. Our families believe that we are too young to know what love is. Is it crazy to feel as if you are in love at such a young age? They should be happy for us that we have fallen for each other. A very wise friend of mine once said "only the most fortunate and lucky people fall in love." So why can't our parents see the love between us. I believe over time they will eventually see past the hate for the opposing family and see how, by Romeo and I being together, will benefit both families. This shows the unity we need for us to be one, to redeem ourselves and together stand strong, and yes together as one we will over come other rivals. ...read more.


This is too much pressure in which my brain and my heart can't handle. With the nurse by my side, I felt as if anything is possible, she helped to get me married to Romeo. She gave me the guidance to pursue my love; she was almost a mother to me. You tell me, how many mothers would help their daughter to elope? The answer is simple...no mother would ever do anything to jeopardise the pride and dignity of the family. To bring shame on 'The Capulet's' never...she will not allow that to happen. She rather me kill myself, by taking an overdose or she would disown me. What is worst? Who has the answers to these questions? Is there ever a right and wrong answer? When I saw Romeo lying there, all cold, still, my heart sank. My initial thought was 'this should be me'. The man of my dreams, who thought he was in love with Rosaline sacrificed everything for me, is now lying in my lap. If this is not try love, then what is? I don't understand, how is it possible that by having an arrange marriage, will make me happy, huh! ...read more.


Everything reminds me of you. Your laugh, you jokes and the silly things you do which makes me smile. The soft kisses on my neck the sweet nothings you whisper. Romeo why did you leave me on this earth, which is full of pain and suffering? If I can't be with Romeo, then there is no one else who can replace him. I must join Romeo...I know he will be waiting for me...Romeo I am coming. Men are all the same no matter what they tell you, that they've changed...they all end up breaking your heart. Is that what you really want in a relationship, to always feel you don't know where you stand with each other, to always feel that the man you love is hiding something? Its better being single. At least you don't have to keep on worrying if your man is cheating on you and if he's lost interest. A Montague? How stupid can I believe, to go against my family just because I thought I was in love?! After all the disgrace and disappointment I have caused, to back with him...would tear my family to pieces. Nurse interfering in life The fight with Tybalt and Mercutio The death The betrayal of families The embarrassment The disloyalty No trust Honest Loss of dignity ...read more.

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