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The Arena.

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The Arena As the sun was rising it beat down on the arena. The gold, orange light reflected the peaceful dawn. The cloudless sky had a few birds flying over. The silence was slightly unnerving. As the sun shone onto the seats they began to warm. The smell of the blood hung like a sea mist over the arena. The alleys into the arena were dark and dank. The smell of urine was putrid. The gladiators had been trained to fight in this place and most of them would probably die here. Grando was fighting today. He had been a slave and had then been taken to Rome. His strong body convulsed as he retched with the pure fear inside hi heart. Not even the battles that he took part in when he was with the army were as scary as this. ...read more.


The night before had been a restless one for Granados. Claudius had visited him in the dungeon. He had threatened Granados that even if he did win, he would kill afterwards. Granados felt sick as he walked further into the arena. It was a one to one, man to man fight. The gauntlet flew round, Granados ducked. Claudius and Granados battled it out. The blood on the yellow sand was dissolving quickly. Claudius fell; Granados hesitated for a minute then brought the sword down into Claudius' stomach and quickly yanked it out quickly as if he regretted it. Granados stood looming over the body like a tower. The crowd roared as Claudius took one last look at Granados and died. Claudius' tyranny had ended. Granados suffered extreme injuries and lay on the sand gasping for breath. He was moving towards the next life. ...read more.


He was greeted by his many Christian followers and ex. Slaves that Claudius' had imprisoned. He came like the sum comes on an icy winter day. The gold bracelet worn on his arm was inscribed with the words 'I will be ruler and I will succeed' He entered the main square of Rome and stood before the coliseum. As children ran in the back alleys the Emperor still stood. Before him stood the statue of Granados the late gladiator who had saved Rome. He asked his servants "Who was this man? Was he a great man?" His servants all replied "Yes master he was the one that saved Rome." The Emperor smiled and said "then his statue will stand in Rome forever as a living memory of the brave Granados" No more games took place in that coliseum instead there were weekly markets and monthly festivals and carnivals. In Rome you would never here the sounds of dying or trapped people again. Instead you will here rejoicing and laughter for the fair Augustus rules forever. ...read more.

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