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The Assassin.

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Alex Norwood G.C.S.E COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT ORIGINAL FICTIONAL WRITING - THE ASSASSIN In a tight and dingy motel room in the suburbs of Hollywood, Senator George Phelps lay on his bed, reminiscing about his past, trying to work out where things had gone horribly wrong in his life and consequently, contemplating his future. He slowly turned his head to the woodworm ridden bedside table, and started motionlessly at the picture of his wife and two children in obviously happier circumstances. Two days earlier, his wife had abruptly ended their twenty-four year marriage and to say it was a mutual decision would be a lie. What he feared to think, but what was infinitely true, was that his wife had found out that for the past eighteen months, he had been having a passionate affair with the glamorous, and multi-millionairess filmstar, Carmen Assendro. The more that Senator Phelps went over the sources that could have ended his marriage, the more that fiery anger and pure hatred built up inside of him. After much deliberation, Senator Phelps came to the conclusion that whoever had left him in this position, was to pay a very, hefty price... Ms. Assendro and he met at the 2001 Oscars. As the event was held in Hollywood, Senator Phelps' presence was easily explained, as was the fact that Carmen Assendro was about to walk away with almost every award available, including 'Best Actress' for her role in the 2001 Box Office Smash, 'The Last Butterfly of Summer'. ...read more.


Both were equally capable of destroying someone...or indeed, something... George Phelps had ovsiously come to a decision in his head. In an aggressive manner, he jumped into his car, and with great velocity, sped through the Hollywood streets leaving nothing but a cloud of smoke in his wake. In the boot of his car, were a hammer wrench, a screwdriver and a pair of pliers - simple equipment used to tamper with a car... * * * Silence. Absolutely nothing disturbed the midnight Hollywood freeway. Patiently, the assailant waited in an eerie atmosphere of tranquility. One could be forgiven for presuming that there was almost a sense of professionalism surrounding the entire affair. A car headlight lit up the otherwise dark night sky. Startled, the assailant prepared himself. He was one hundred per cent focused on the job in hand. In his head, this was the right thing to do. To him, this was the only way out. Calculating? Cold-Blooded? Certainly not to him. His unbelievably laid back attitude certainly The Chauffeur driven S-Class Mercedes emerged from the over-bearing mass of fog that congregated above Hollywood on this fateful night. The Chauffeur pulled up in a lay-by, turned off the engine, and got out of the car. As he looked towards the back of the car, he could just about pick out the thick river of fuel that Incensed, he went to the front of the car, and lited the bonnet in an attempt to discover just why so much fuel had been lost. ...read more.


Jonny did all he could. Distance himself from the wheel, and pray that all three guys get out of this alive... After hitting the car with serious velocity and immense strength, the juggernaut caused the car to overturn in mid air before landing upside down in a river by the side of the freeway. The wheels were still in motion. A low, dull, humming sound could be heard coming from the soon to be defunct vehicle. The driver of the juggernaut stopped, got out of his vehicle and ran as fast as he could towards the wreckage. Before he could get to it however, the car burst into a towering inferno, almost indefinetely killing the three men inside instantly. After numerous years of corruption, kidnappings and murders, Joe DiVarro, Jonny Metola and Rico Vincinetti were dead. * * * Senator George Phelps arrived back at his motel room. Covered in a cold sweat, he slumped onto his bed, contemplating what he had just done. He had just tampered with the brakes of the car which consequently resulted in the death of Joe DiVarro, Jonny Metola and Rico Vincinetti. Senator Phelps believed these men had ended his marriage. In reality, Carmen Assendro was the one who had ended his twenty four year marriage. That was her revenge. Moments before his death, Joe DiVarro murdered Carmen Assendro and her Chauffeur. That was his revenge. It was a muddy triangle of lies, jealousy, revenge and deceit. One broken marriage and five unsolved murders. All in a days work in the glamorous world of Hollywood. ...read more.

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