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The Benefits of WWI

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The Benefits of WWI The Benefits of WWI By: Jeff Wood Many things have been said about war. Usually people see it as soldiers on a battlefield, men dieing, and battalions marching through ruined cities, bodies littering the streets. This is a warped perception of the reality. War may cause death and destruction, but other things, far more positive things, also happen when war is declared. In WWI it helped boost Canada's industrial production and economic growth, also it allowed women to be emancipated from the home and placed in the workforce. Another positive affect was the reputation Canada got from its contributions, both on the battlefield and on the home front. Increased economic activity is one of the greatest things WWI did for Canada. At the beginning of the war central Canada's economic and industrial growth was coming along fine, but the west was still being explored and settled. Overall the country was doing well, but needed a boost to join all Canadians together for a common goal, that boost came in the form of WWI. ...read more.


Originally winning the war was thought to be an easy task, in 1914 it was thought the battle would be short and all troops would return home by Christmas, most never actually getting any real battle experience, unfortunately this was far from the truth. The war was much longer than expected and replacements were needed for the men who had left and there was only one place they could be found, this is how women were emancipated from the home, and forced into the work place. Munitions factories were the main area where workers were needed, of the 250 000 people working in munitions factories, many were women. Now that they were allowed to work, women also wanted to be treated equally. In Alberta women wanted the ability to own land, this was granted with the help of Emily Murphy, who convinced the Alberta Legislature to pass the Married Women's Relief Act which entitled widows to a portion of there husbands estate. In Manitoba Women suffragists such as Nellie McClung wanted to win women the vote, they believed women were just as equal as men, and ...read more.


Also Canada received two seats at the Paris Peace Conference and was able to sign the Treaty of Versailles, and the four other treaties as well, in doing so this guaranteed a seat for Canada in the league of nations, an organization that was designed to prevent war and punish aggressive nations. In the end the war gave Canada a new reputation as a mature and whole nation separate from Britain. So in conclusion WWI may have caused a great deal of death and destruction, but it gave back so much in return. It allowed for Canada's economy to grow much stronger in a much shorter period of time, it also boosted industrial expansion throughout the country. As well as stimulating economic and industrial growth it stimulated women to leave their homes and forced them into the workplace and into the world, putting them well on their way towards complete equality with men. Finally WWI Gave Canada a sense of pride in itself as a mature nation, separate from Britain, this view was also taken on by the entire world. The War to End All Wars may have been a harsh one, but it was also a very beneficial one, especially for Canada. ...read more.

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