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The boogeyman

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The Boogeyman Horror is difficult to find one simple answer for - but you can say horror is all the literature and films which purpose is to scare. The Boogeyman by Stephen King, we are introduced to Lester Billings - which maybe is guilty of committing the murder of his three children. "I can't go to a priest because I am not a Catholic. I cannot go to a lawyer because I have not done anything to consult a lawyer about. All I did was kill my kids. One at a time. Killed them all." This is the first thing Lester Billings says about his problem, and the reason of his need to reveal his secret to the psychiatrist, Dr. Harper. Think of a man, who is about to confess the murders of his three children, this is a very calm way of telling his experience. Lester Billing is very self centered and arrogant in way of behaving towards other people. He feels superior to women and talks openly and calmly about being a wife better and a child abuser "I started to slap her, just like ...read more.


The killings of the three children are different. For every time, the killing becomes more dramatic and the horror increases. At the first he does not hear or see the Boogeyman, he only sees a crack in the closet door. However, when the last murder occurs and Andy is killed, Lester sees and hears the Boogeyman, which I think Lester is prepared for this to happen. Lester identifies himself with Andy, and therefore is he more affected by this murder. When we hear about the closet door being open just a crack, we can transfer the meaning of it to Lester's personality. Even though he behaves normally, he occasionally loses control and his fa´┐Żade cracks a little. Another thing is Lester's prejudices. Beside his prejudice about homosexuals, he has also one about women and Vietnamese. When people have prejudices of anything, it is often because they are afraid of these things, and I think this is exactly what Lester is. I also think Lester is paranoid, because he thinks he is being hunted by the Boogeyman and he has all these compulsory thoughts. ...read more.


In this story, the man also wore seaweed - I think this is the point where Lester's imagination, when he returned to the office, had taken overhand. ""So nice" the boogeyman said as it shambled out. It still held its Dr. Harper mask in one rotted, spade-claw hand." The ending is very important for the story. This is the climax - which the reader not had suspected - but it also says that Lester's desire of mentally catharsis has not been obtained. This also means that Lester has got to live on, with a constant fear of the Boogeyman. Last but not least I am convinced that Lester is the Boogeyman - but I do not think he knows it. Maybe he is schizophrenic? But I think Lester's fears and prejudices are the Boogeyman. Because of his constant fears of the unknown, and his prejudices, he becomes the Boogeyman - which also means he killed all of his children. I think when the closet door is entirely open; the Boogeyman has completely control over Lester. The closet has an obvious symbolic meaning -you can say that everybody has something hidden in his/her closets - and Lester has got the Boogeyman in his closet. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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