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The Character of Ikemefuma

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Manon Mollard MP5a 14.03.05 English: The Character of Ikemefuma Assignment: Become Ikemefuma! a) when he is taken away from home by Okonkwo. b) when he starts to feel comfortable in his new life in Umofia. c) on the journey to his death, but before he dies. a) What is going on? Why did they choose me? Where are they taking me? Who are they anyway? What is going to happen? When am I going to go home? Am I actually ever going to see my family again? All these questions kept bouncing in my head, but I was not able to think properly. I was too confused. Just to think about the fact I was being taken away, out of my village, by these strangers, not knowing where I was going gave me goose bumps and literally stopped my brains from thinking. I had not even seen this other girl, who was walking with us. ...read more.


b) I have been living here with Okonkwo for almost three years now. The time when Okonkwo and these two other men I don't remember properly came to my hut in my native village is far away. I haven't heard from my family, nor been allowed to visit them. But I guess I have got used to a new life here, and I now have a new family. Okonkwo has always treated me like his own son, and I consider his biological son and daughter like my brother and sister. When Okonkwo started to teach his son hunting, he just naturally asked me to come along with them, and taught me in the exact same way. All those details made me become each time closer to my new family. My sister was learning how to be a good wife with our mother, while my brother and I spent most days with our father. ...read more.


They were all very tall and strong, the kind of men you wouldn't want to be fighting with. As soon as I entered the compound, three of them grabbed my arms, and the other two grabbed my legs. My mind was blank; I didn't know what to think: what were these men doing? Was it a mistake? Did Okonkwo know about this? Where were they taking me? This situation reminded me of the day Okonkwo came to take me away from my native village. Again, I was scared because I didn't know what was going to happen. The men carried me to the entrance of a forest. Again, a forest. I could feel the fear increasing in me. As I was trying to calm myself down, I caught sight of a silhouette walking towards us. What was going to happen to me now? I cannot describe the state of relief I felt when I recognized Okonkwo. He was next to me, I knew he was going to take care of me. How could I have ever thought of what was going to happen to me? ...read more.

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