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The Crusades.

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In the middle ages, most Christians believed that War was a good thing, and that if it was to defend innocent people, then it would be right in the way of their religion. Another factor was that if the opposition declared a Holy War, then it would be their right to defend their religion, and fight for to defend this religion no matter what the consequences. In the middle ages, campaigns were led by Christians known as Crusades. Muslims ran Jerusalem, and had done for the last four hundred years. The Christians wanted to reclaim Jerusalem as their own by fighting the Muslims. They would do this by the help of the leaders of their churches, the popes. The popes were afraid of the Muslims extending their empire. At this time, the crusades were seen by people as being brave and everyone agreed with what they said and done. All of these crusades believed that what they done were 'Just' and that God was there to help them win the battles. ...read more.


It was also there to avoid war at all costs, and to show that war is not an answer, but a problem. He, and a few others, compiled a set of rules that were called the 'Just War' regulations. They go as follows: > War should be declared by a proper authority such as a government or king and not just by ordinary people. > There must be a good reason for declaring a war. Not simply Greed. > The reason for war must be a desire to do well in the world. > War must be a last resort when everything else has been tried first. > The good that is likely to be an outcome of the war must amount to more than the harm that will be caused by the war. > It must be possible to win. Wars should not be fought against an opponent whom is obviously much more powerful. > The war must be fought fairly. The amount of force used must be only enough to succeed. ...read more.


> There must be some proportion between the costs of war and the agreements made after the war-the surrendering country should not be made to pay so much money that the people who live there can never recover. > Only military targets should be attacked and not civilians. > The force used should be for a good reason. Though many people follow these guidelines to war, many others disagree. People disagree on different aspects of these guidelines, such as 'if force is used, is it for a good reason'. Many Christian churches, hold the view that although war is wrong, it is sometimes the only resort. They argue that Christians have a responsibility to defend the weak, and that it would be wrong for a Christian to stand aside and do nothing if others are suffering because of the aggressive actions of another country. War is wrong, and even though people believe it can be just, all that happens is many innocent people die, and for the removal of one leader, it is not worth it. People are killed because some one else has done wrong, and I do not think war is worth the lives that are taken during a war. ...read more.

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