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The Diary Of Banquo

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Act 1 After the victorious battle over the barbaric strangers from overseas, Macbeth and I were walking back to his own home when we crossed the heath. The heath seemed unusually misty and foggy as if a supernatural event was about to occur. I could feel the eerie presence of evil and as though something was watching us. Suddenly from almost within the mist itself three witches appeared and started hailing Macbeth and chanting prophecies. I can't remember exactly all of them but I do remember Macbeth would become thane of Cawdor and eventually king of Scotland; even crazier was the fact that tone of the prophecies was that MY children would be kings and my blood would rule over Scotland for quite some time. ...read more.


He greeted Macbeth warmly as the new thane of Cawdor although Macbeth did not look as pleased as the king. I felt slightly left out but I was still included in the celebrations. When we arrived at the castle the king immediately proclaimed his admiration for Macbeth's castle. "This castle hath a pleasant seat; the air nimbly and sweetly recommends itself unto our gentle senses" were his exact words. Act 2 Later that night Fleance and I spoke to Macbeth in the hall, so we talked briefly and then left. When we saw him later out in the courtyard he looked a bit shaken but I thought nothing of it because a lot of people had been drinking and many were ill because of it. ...read more.


the king after the battle, then when we saw him before he went to his wife, then when he returned and appeared sick as though dreading something and finally his wife and the acted faint to obviously withdraw attention from the fact that Macbeth had just admitted to a murder. Now I thought to myself, it makes sense for Macbeth to have killed Duncan because that would pave the way for him to become king! Then the thought struck me........the witches had said that my children would become kings and none of Macbeths! My first thought was to get out of this place with Fleance and protect him at all costs for surely he and I would be the next targets for Macbeth's murderous rampage. Sam Crich 9HT ...read more.

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