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The Diary of Fredrick Grimshaw.

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THE DIARY OF FREDRICK GRIMSHAW Day one the babbling old man. It is unfortunate to say the least I'm low on provisions I live in a place where the lifts are broken and I'm afraid of the rain and the consequences of possible accidents. I have been reluctant to discuss the vandals, I am compromised to the mention of the 'vagrants' in case I submit myself to a heart failure from the rage that welters up inside my body at the very thought of those wild creatures. I haven't mentioned the council have I? Well I have to confess that they too would be added to the vagrant category society never ceases to amaze at its ambition to be come less practical and more incompetent in its practice. ...read more.


It is a sin indeed to scare the elderly but it is more a sin to be an elderly person and to know no better than a child, I am aware of my weakness, arthritis and strange sensations which take over my body and wear me thin, to chase up on a youthful world and become a victim of your own foolishness should only add to the existing madness: Yes I am old but I'm not stupid, contrary to the axiom of modern people, that we in our wrinkles need to be distributed to the local pen and 'disappeared' with bed pan and bib in tow! I am raving a little and I apologise. This is the first time for me, doing this, How should I address you? Honourable sir, madam? Would you be a lady or a gentleman? ...read more.


I suppose, that would make you a female wouldn't it. I have to admit a little female company wouldn't go amis. Of course petunia you do understand that you will have to take second place. My mille god bless her comes forever first. I'm sure you understand. Ah. The rain has finally cracked from the clouds my windows are awash with the sound of clack clack: Big wet kisses. It's funny but it is only when it rains that my flat finally has a valid excuse for being grim and greying like the storm and the rain., Some gifts come in strange packages. I suppose, and may I say in this case I am rather relieved of the British weather. ...read more.

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