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'The English language systematically degrades women' to what extent do you agree with this statement. Support your work with examples.

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English Language Essay You should spend an hour writing the following essay - 'The English language systematically degrades women' to what extent do you agree with this statement. Support your work with examples. The English language is an incredibly complex and easily manipulated language, but it has some seemingly strange trends, also there seems to be a bias in the internal structure of it. Perhaps this is not an intentional bias but it does represent clear-cut definitions of what would be considered normal, and then new branches of word for what perhaps may be looked upon as not so normal. It's strange how people interpret language, there's often no universal meaning of a sentence many people would interpret its meaning and origin in many different ways. ...read more.


I'm not saying that a lot of drunken men sat around drank and came up with as many ways that they could snub women by using everyday speech. I think that assuming this is a highly cynical outlook on men. But it would be more typical of you to favour your own sex, simply because lets face it, its hard being you. Particularly in the game of insults, you can see a big bias, strangely many words that are now insults which are mainly used against women, are new words which have only come to meaning recently. For instance, you cannot really see William Shakespeare scrawling across pages of his screen writes the word slut because his wife has cheated on him. ...read more.


women do not deserve the time of day so the insults are small, and that they are simple so women can understand them. It's also clear and easy to see an order of precedence, where men were/are always placed in the front of women, there is no real clear reason other than prescriptive grammarians suggested rather bleakly that as the male sex is physically dominant if must be that the natural and proper order of things places males first in a sentence. Another way in which women may be degraded in the English language is feminine inanimate. For instance many men will refer to their cars as she. There perhaps represents an ownership of the car, and thus derives that its there property. ...read more.

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