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The face

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The face There has always been something special about the relationship between a father and his son. The father might se himself in his son and is proud of everything he does, or the father might want to affect his son's actions and choices in life. This is not always easy because a child sees the world with different eyes than an adult. A child can easily be lost in the adult's world, and therefore the father must be careful when trying to make his son grow up. Even though the father might want his son to grow up fast, there are things that a child does not understand as well as an adult, and when a boy becomes scared or confused in life, the relationship between father and son is extra important. In the short story "The Face", we are introduced to such a father-son relationship. This relationship between the narrator and his father is characterised by the father's ambitions and pride of his son and the son's calmness around and obedience to his father. ...read more.


"He was laughing and saying he was proud, proud of him because he'd walked down on his own, proud because now he was a man." LL. 13-14 P. 126. This is what the father says after the son has walked further on his own. The father is very proud of his son, and that he walked that far all alone. The father is mostly proud because he wanted his son to be brave like a real man, and he pasted the test. Already from the start, when the narrator and his father are walking into the pit, the son is frightened by the darkness in it. He has his father besides him, which helps him to keep calm, when he is frightened. The narrator meets the world with the eyes of a child. This is shown when the father is telling him about the bogeys that used to be in the pit. The narrator immediately starts thinking about bogeymen, and even though he knows that this is not what his father is talking about, he has to make sure. ...read more.


This shows that the narrator is only a child, since the only face he can think of is the face of a man. His childish naivety is shown in the fact that he actually believes that there is a man's face inside the pit. A grown up would consider whether this was likely or not several times before believing it. And believing it a grown up never would, since they would know that a face simple cannot exist without a man being attached to it, and that this man would not be in the pit for no reason. This set of thoughts is unlikely to occur inside a child's head. The themes of the story are the relationship between father and son as well as a child's interpretation of the world. It is very accurate described through dialogue how the relationship between the narrator and his father is, and through the actions and thoughts we follow coming from the narrator, we see how a child meets the world. Through this story, it becomes clear to us as readers that a father is very important to his son and most certainly also the other way around. ...read more.

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