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The features of written language and speech

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The features of written language and speech In English language there are two different ways of actually presenting language. These are written language and speech. These two factors of speech both include many different features between themselves. These features are mostly opposite to each other as they are completely different ways of presenting language. Written language is structured into paragraphs unlike general speech which is hardly thought about before being said and is flowing naturally. There is also syntax used in writing as sentences are structured as more time and thought is put into writing, however in speech, sentences are less structured and there are a variety of short and long sentences. Punctuation is not used in speech as we acquire the language naturally, whereas in written language there are many different punctuation symbols which are used to identify certain things for instance: pauses, lists, a signal for speech and also many other symbols, this creates a certain effect which allows a reader to read a piece of writing with pace and fluency. ...read more.


Spoken language can be directed to a number of people whereas written language can be directed to many but is still very personal and confidential. It can be read at a reader's individual pace so he/she does not have to keep up with the writer. This is different to when speech is used it is often directed to a group of people and even if it is a one to one conversation the speech is usually transient which means it is directly responded to but however it is then forgotten. This does clash with written language as we understand it to be permanent which has been used in many circumstances as proof of something as it cannot be changed. Also when speaking to an audience the speech can be amended almost instantly whereas in written language it takes time and thought to configure exactly what needs to be written. ...read more.


The tools needed to write are a pen and paper however in medieval times writings were usually written upon stones. No tools are required for speaking; only the ability to speak and a voice are needed. Many people use body language when their talking to reflect exactly what they mean, they also use facial expressions to show emotion. This shows that without actually being able to speak there are still ways to communicate. An example of this is when deaf people use sign language, it is not straightforward but it shows that it can be done if it is needed. There are many more features to spoken language compared to written language. Nevertheless, this does not mean that one is more important than another as they both co-ordinate together to create the universal language of English. ?? ?? ?? ?? Raeesah Adam 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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