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The first world war - original writing

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Amanda Ferguson 9MN 22ndJuly 01 WW1 original writing 8th April 1918 The crimson sky seemed an ominous reflection of another day of gory massacre and misery. My body, mind and sole were sucked from within me, draining into a frantic nightmarish spiral of death. We count for nothing we are expendable, we are no more than 'canon fodder'. No one cares that we die such humiliating and undignified deaths, no one cares about the torment and suffering! ...read more.


The ruthless commander's strut, bellies swollen with the finest French food and wine, boots polished brasses shining. Knowing only to well that their cosy bed is near. As for us we sit here shivering in the bitter cold, the frost nipping and tearing through us making sleep almost impossible. Dawn bleaks over the horizon as we stagger across a bed of well rotted corpse. Every capable man stands like a statue in line to be counted; an intense pain of hunger grows within us making it an effort to stand. ...read more.


The battle had barely begun and for many it had already ended. The repulsive screams for mercy prick your mind almost sending you in sain. Over-raged by anger and fury we represent Nothing but a shambled mess until, the words of victory vibrate around the battleground The weak stairs from the dead are innocent and grim. The distressing identification of decapitated corpses was horrific. A lonely silence crept among the men as they cleared the battleground. . The barren land was dead and hostile; we waded through heart and sole despairing. Scuffing our aching feet through the blistering dirt. ...read more.

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