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The good leaders in the world today use inspiration to do better and motivate people. They are willing to take intiative and give others the benefit of their hard work. Sometimes they will lead by example and provide a path for those who choose to follo

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Lead On In today's world, role models and leaders are the people helping to make decisions as well as influence those around them with a postivie attitude. Those people are the ones running non-profit organizations, countries, nations, teaching children and advising the people aroud on what is best based on their beliefs and values. It makes life easier if one grow ups with a role model; you have a a person to admire and learn from; someone to teach you and help you through tough times. Although many role models and leaders are for the benefit of the people, there also have been the ones who prefer to demoralize, destruct and demolish the good and willingly replace it with the bad. ...read more.


It makes it easier to understand how leaders influence others by looking at some leaders from the past and in the present, who have had a great influence and power over the people they ruled. Hitler and Stalin used propaganda and fear to build the image and mindset that they wanted to be followed. This in return created a frenzy of negative thought towards certain racial or political groups and themselves. In a more positive light, significant leaders such as Winston Churchill, Princess Diana and President Barack Obama, have found ways to gain favour from others by simply making the right choices and having a new perspective instead of following along with the old ways of thinking. They have become great figureheads; the public is willing to follow their comands and openly appreciate the efforts they have made. ...read more.


The possibilites the internet has created are vast and immense, but its what people chose to do with those possibilites that make the difference. Leaders can change the direction you follow in life, they can give you a sense of direction or help you realise that your dream is actually achievable, and they will always tell you to try your hardest and push for what you believe in. Leaders lead by setting good examples and by having the hope that others will follow in close behind. They are the ones who take advantage of opportunities and keep pushing for what they think is right. Everyday people can become great leaders, not all powerful and rich have the chance. If you take what you have and use it to the best of your ability, chances are, people will notice. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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