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The idea of memory in the two poems - Looking at the poems: Before you were mine - In Mrs Tilscher's Class - We see that the idea of memory is very prominent. Discuss.

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The idea of memory in the two poems Looking at the poems: Before you were mine In Mrs Tilscher's Class We see that the idea of memory is very prominent. Discuss. In the poem Before you were mine, the story is based on the memory of a daughter remembering how her mother used to be like before she was born and after. It starts off with the mother on the street corner laughing and joking with her friends Maggie McGeeny and Jean Duff. The daughter doesn't actually remember this but it is how she pictured her, bending down and giggling like all girls do. The reason why she doesn't remember this is because it was ten years before she was born. She imagines her mother to have her polka-dot dress blowing around her legs. This is like the famous picture of Marilyn Monroe when she has her dress blowing around her legs. ...read more.


We all have had this experience and all remember it for the rest of our lives because the reason why you were late was always good. The ten years before the daughter was born were the best years of the mother's life. This is usually the case with all mothers if they think back to their memories of back then. The daughter was playing with her mother's shoes like all daughters do. The point of the poem is that the daughter wants her mother to be like before she was born. In other words she wants her mother to act like the way she acted before she was born. This is shown by the way that the daughter imagines her mother to be like and then puts it into the form that she was there remembering all the memories that the mother had, and she is saying it like she was there too. ...read more.


All the good memories from primary school are remembered here such as when a child would laugh as he swung the bell, the enthralling books and xylophones banging from the other classroom. All of these were memories that are common to all adults that went to primary school. You also remember the first time that you remember when the naughty boy of the class told you how you were born, and you never forget that. Everyone remembers the look of the classroom when they were younger. It looked like a sweetshop, with coloured shapes and sugar paper. These were all mentioned as memories in the poem. This is the whole point of the poem. It makes people think and remember all of their memories from when they went to primary school. The thing with all these memories is that everyone has the same memories that are in this poem so the feel attached to it. ...read more.

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