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The internet: todays evolution or tomorrows menace

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Topic: The internet: today's evolution or tomorrow's menace My fellow students and teacher, good morning. My name is Tamara Brown and I am here to argue the topic, the internet: today's evolution or tomorrow's menace. According to the Encarta dictionary an evolution is 'the gradual development of something into a more complex or better form' and from the same dictionary, menace means 'a possible source of danger or harm'. Today I will argue that the evolution of the internet outweighs the menace of the internet. What was it like before the internet was invented? The library was about the only place you could get resources and it took forever to find what you were looking for. ...read more.


Only the internet can let us communicate for free and let it seem as if we are right next to each other. The internet is one of the best places for entertainment; it is another popular in web surfing. One can surf the web at their own leisure. Socialization is a part of entertainment for many young people but not only socializing but also there are also games for the game lovers, celebrity sites and places to watch and post all the latest music videos; there are lots more things that are available for entertainment. Promoting a business? Need to find a specific service? ...read more.


We cannot remain in the past anymore the evolution of the internet is used every day and is used for excellent reasons. In some ways it can be a menace but that only depends on how it is used. There is no way the internet be called menace by people unless this person is only seeing and/ or using negatively. But now I ask you to look into what you use the internet for. Can you still call it a menace then? I think not. Is the internet today's evolution or is it tomorrow's menace? I think it is today's evolution, but the question is; what do you think? Thank you. ...read more.

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