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The Island - Paddy Kinsale Critical Analysis

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The Island - Paddy Kinsale The Island is written in the first person narrator and is conveyed from the perspective of a man who is remembering his childhood memory when he was on a boat with his uncle. The poem lacks metaphorical language and is very straight forward though it has very descriptive language and this conveys that the memories the narrator is describing are very vivid. The verses are free, these coveys the freedom felt by the speaker when describing his experience on the island, in addition this is emphasised by the word "free". There is a clear contrast between the age of the uncle and the narrator, words like "dark voice", "coarse" emphasise this notion. ...read more.


Furthermore, words like "enormous", "immensity" depict the small structure the narrator had when he was experiencing this memory; he saw everything bigger in comparison to himself. "The rocks looked sharper, the air clearer, the breeze more salt" - depicts that the narrator already had been given hints or maybe was told stories by the uncle about the island before the actual trip. Approaching the island, "a solitary gull" is described and it conveys the desert-like area in which they were sailing towards. In addition, "uninhabited", "continues to emphasise the deserted description of the island. The uncle is very protective and acts like a father figure in regards to the narrator; "The sense of those coarse hand should I fall". ...read more.


The uncle reveals to the speaker that once someone lived on the island, or died - and this scared him as depicted by the words "my skin tightened on my neck". The poem ends quickly in the last stanza with the transition from the island back to the boat being very brief; this may convey that the narrator was having the time of his life, but like everything pleasant and adventurous in life, it doesn't last very long but although there was more for him to see of it, the fact that some of it was unseen makes it all more special. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gabriel Farrugia Ms. Maria Mifsud ...read more.

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