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The language in "The Royal Hunt of the Sun"

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The language in "The Royal Hunt of the Sun" Language can convey and determine many things shaping a play in many areas. It can provide a strong reflection of status, portray different cultures, and describe the set up of location and the characters within that location. It can you allow you an understanding into the period of time that the play is set in, display the themes and issues within a play and allow gives a voice to the playwright to express what feelings that have of particular issues. I will assess these areas in the "Royal Hunt of the Sun" and un-pick to a large extent how each of the above is used within scenes and describe the effect this creates. It is very clear from the language used in act one scene one in the description of Pizzaro that he is a character with a great sense of importance and high status. Not only does he seem to possess such powerful control, he is described to carry and portray this power within the emotions he gives out. Being described as 'tough, commanding and harsh'...with gestures that are 'blunt, often violent' and using expressions that are 'intense and capable of fury' he is obviously aware of his position and exercises this status. ...read more.


'you own everything I have lost'. Young Martin reveals this determination of character throughout act one and gains the respect and trust of Pizzaro possibly more than most of the other Spaniards. In Act one scene seven, the character of Rodas portrays tone and atmosphere through his blunt use of language. His harsh use of diction makes him a perfect representative for the Spanish's way of thinking in the situation they are now in. He speaks in slightly more colloquial and aggressive terms than the other characters do, 'well I pissing stir for once, I'm not going to be chewed up by no bloody heathen king.' This aggressive language adds to the dampening of the atmosphere and changes other's character's feelings around him. In act one scene four Another example of tone and atmosphere is around the two ideas of religion that continue to clash throughout the play. The two groups discuss their religion and the language immediately creates a particularly harsh tone. Chief 'the son is God.' Valverde is shocked by their ideas of faith and addresses the Spaniards 'oh my brothers..Where have we come? ...read more.


This language compliments these two themes within the play. Language is used within the play to show different characters personalities when in reaction to dealing with certain situations. For example, Pizzaro shows a calm and soft nature to his personality when dealing with Young martin as he sees his potential and hope. 'You're a good boy martin, and if we get out of this I'll get you a gift of whatever you want.' In opposition to that scenes with tension and suspense are created through the build up of language. For example in act one scene ten there is an immediate sense of panic and urgency created by the language as the Spanish can see the Inca in the distance. The panic is created through short, sharp sentences consisting of only a few words from each character. The idea that words are just stumbling out of mouths in desperateness. Young Martin 'their coming, look down the hill.' De Soto 'how many?' This language is very unlike the Spanish their sentences are usually flowing and smooth in contrast to the Inca people who speak with short, punchy words empathising sounds rather than structured sentences. ...read more.

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