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'The law is only a word for what has a right to happen.' Discuss the many roles Alfieri has to play in 'A View From the Bridge'

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'The law is only a word for what has a right to happen.' Discuss the many roles Alfieri has to play in 'A View From the Bridge' Alfieri is a very important character in this play after all it is his story. The original pint of Alfieri is to avoid confusion and misinterpretation of the themes and plot. Millers previous play 'the Crucible' had many complex themes and ideas that when performed confused the audience and led to misinterpretation of the story. However as Miller continued to write Alfieri's role evolved and took on other purposes. Miller got his idea for the play from a lawyer friend who had to deal with a similar case in real life, so in thanks for the idea he made Alfieri a lawyer. I intend to discuss the various roles of Alfieri and give my opinion and interpretation on them. Law and Justice Alfieri introduces to the audience two types of law and justice, the written law and community justice. ...read more.


In particular his relationship with Eddie is very interesting, it's almost parasitical. Alfieri seems to live indirectly through Eddie, shaping his decisions and watching the outcome from afar, feeding off his passion as his own life is so passionless. When Eddie goes to Alfieri for advice, Alfieri suggests going to the immigration bureau, and that would be the only way of stopping Rodolpho from marrying Catherine. This isn't very subtle of him and this ultimately causes Eddie to report Marco and Rodolpho. Alfieri almost certainly knows that this will cause Marco to extract revenge on Eddie. He also grants Marco bail even though he knows that he will only use this bail to extract revenge on Eddie. Alfieri would much rather see the blood spill than the family patch up their differences. Although Alfieri wishes to shape the action and cause the blood to spill he isn't compelled to be a direct part of the action and holds himself apart as if he were watching above from a bridge. ...read more.


Marco who is a man of his word and prefers to solve conflicts passively (challenges Eddie to lift a chair, where Eddie fails Marco manages to lift the chair above his head.) is incised into violence and breaking his word by Alfieri. Alfieri ultimately turns from a figure of the law into a figure that incites unlawful behaviour, something a lawyer should be totally against. Alfieri is in a very good position to stop the violence however he chooses not to. Even the smallest pebble can change the flow of a mighty river if well placed. He says in his opening speech: 'To meet a lawyer on the streets is unlucky' however I feel that this statement is wrong and that it is only unlucky if you met a lawyer like Alfieri. Alfieri is in my opinion a Voyeurist. This is someone who lives his or her life almost second hand through someone else. In this case Eddie, but that Alfieri gets such a thrill from eddies life that he drives him to his death. Alfieri is not the good guiding character that you see at first glance but a very bad and nasty one. ...read more.

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