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'The Metamorphosis' and 'The Road'The isolation in both texts highlights the despair and nothingness shown in both Kafka and McCarthy texts. How far do you agree with this?

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The isolation in both texts highlights the despair and nothingness shown in both Kafka and McCarthy texts. How far do you agree with this? Isolation is a reoccurring theme in both texts. It is highlighted again and again within 'The Road' through the use of the boy and the father and in the short stories written by Kafka, such as 'The Metamorphosis' and 'Investigations of a dog'. It is this isolation which presents us with the despair and nothingness of the characters, as it is widely accepted; to gain happiness you must be socially active to avoid the feelings of loneliness which bring along many negative aspects such as depression, despair and hopelessness. This is presented within some of Kafka's short stories to some extent. The isolation of the dog in 'Investigations of a dog' has led to him feeling frustrated and anxiety; both bring negative effects on one?s health. However in context of the texts this idea can be arguable, it could easily be argued that the isolation within 'The Road' is necessary to ones survival due to the cannibalism which has evolved in this post- apocalyptic world. 'The Road' shows isolation through the boy and the father. They are both isolated from man and try to keep their contact and encounters with people to a minimum; 'On this road there are no godspoke men' this line shows how McCarthy is suggesting that the man ...read more.


She still feels empathy and love towards him whereas before this love may not have been portrayed as such. This could link to the life of Kafka as he went through many relationships, despite them not being healthy; his love shared with Felice Bauer was arguably one of his most successful relationships having highlighted to her that life with him would be ''a monastic life side by side with a man who is fretful, melancholy, untalkative, dissatisfied and sickly'. However Felice still showed love towards him and made their relationship last for up to 5 years on and off. This shows that although the isolation is present, it may allow people around you to feel sympathy and therefore be able to relate with the person in question. However it can be argued that the isolation in 'The Road? is negative in that it causes despair and ultimately mortality and nothingness. McCarthy suggests that as people diminish in size and become isolated, there's the risk that no one will be left at all and that then even humans themselves will have disappeared. [The Boy:] Are we going to die? [The Man:] Sometime. Not now. This conversation between the man and boy suggests that the man has already accepted that even though their isolation is protecting them from robbers and cannibals, he knows that they will die eventually. ...read more.


This highlights his isolation, despair and frustration that follows furthermore linking to 'The Road' as Gregor is feeling isolated from the rest of mankind, also the texts can be linked in that the characters from these texts want to escape from their job or present life's in order to obtain something that will make feel complete. Gregor's physical isolation from the outside world in his room speaks to his general alienation from modern society, which expects him to work hard and find a wife, he is isolated and trapped within a consumer based, materialistic society which although he doesn?t physically try to gain escape from, it is a silent struggle. A study that was conducted by Kimmo Herttua concluded that living alone can increase rates of being socially, this could apply to Gregor?s isolation to his room. Overall the presentation of isolation is intertwined in both Kafka's and McCarthy?s text's. They both explore the diversity of isolation through the use of despair and nothingness; were the isolation of the man and son in ?The Road? may lead to death and mortality, it is also essential to insure their survival for as long as possible whereas in Kafka?s texts isolation is present and a turning point is used to create a sense of sympathy and happiness. It is such examples that highlight how Kafka and McCarthy play around with typical conventions of certain themes. ...read more.

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