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The Modern setting of 'Romeo and Juliet' is an extreme change to the original version. The director & producer Baz Luhrman introduces a modern setting of full violence in only the first scene of the film

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'Romeo & Juliet.' (Year 10 Media Assignment) The Modern setting of 'Romeo and Juliet' is an extreme change to the original version. The director & producer Baz Luhrman introduces a modern setting of full violence in only the first scene of the film. The first scene is set in a very modern American city. The first shot is a TV screen with a lady reading a short script which gives you a ruff idea of what the film is about, this is also known as the prologue. The prologue is spoken differently in this modern version of the film the prologue is read as a news documentary. A female is sat at a desk with a modern news background behind her. She reads the prologue but showing that the prologue is not an act in anyway she shows no enthusiasm, tone or emotions in her voice. The words spoken in the prologue are: "Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene, from ancient grudge to break new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean, from forth the fatal lions of these two foes, a pair of star-crossed lovers take their lives Whose misadventure piteous over throws, ...read more.


They show no scarce to the Montague but once committed a sin they shown a high amount of guilt. This is shown when Tybalt kills Romeo's cousin Mercutio. The two households are also associated with two kinds of music. The Montague's are associated with rock and are very common looking. The Capulet are associated with the type of scary western music showing they are a strong and powerful household. There are certain things in the film that add an extra effect and these are the camera shots and the angles in which they are placed at. There are so many different things that you can do with a camera to add effects to a film, but there are 6 main ways in which the camera is used in 'Romeo and Juliet' and they are: - Panoramic views. - Ground shots of feet etc. - Very brief shots of headlines and people and the city. - Speeded up movement. - Slow motion A place where a ground shot of someone's feet is used, is when the first Capulet steps out of his car. The effect that this gives us is that it builds up the tension of wanting to know who that pacific character is. ...read more.


When the fight breaks out in the petrol station a number of effects are used but one effect that is used more than once is when an action is speeded up. One example of this is when Tybalt drops to his knees and pulls out his gun giving the effect that he has a high amount of skill with his gun. The last effect used in the film is slow motion. This is used when Tybalts throws himself in the air and takes a good shot of his gun at another character. This gives the effect that he is trying to do something fast and skilfully. In conclusion I think that the modern film of Romeo and Juliet is set out in an extremely skilfully way. The effects that are use I the film give emotion and tension to what the character is trying to do. The film uses go actions and good emotions when needed. Overall the film really does show us the greatness of the old play 'Romeo and Juliet' and shows us what it really is about. In a personal view I think that the film has made a great impression on Baz Luhram and I hope to watch many more of his films in the future. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lana Brooker 'Romeo and Juliet' Assignment. ...read more.

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