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The notion of death seems to be the definite consequence for any sort of conflict for the characters of William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Varun Mohapatra English SL 29/10/2004 The notion of death seems to be the definite consequence for any sort of conflict for the characters of William Shakespeare's Hamlet William Shakespeare's Hamlet is an anecdote of love, tragedy and the demise of man. Inevitably, a story with so much conflict and turmoil will involve death to some degree, and Shakespeare's expression of death is unimpeachable. The altercation of the characters is the driving force behind the ultimate tragedy that befalls the characters. This conflict is a succession of events which leads to the climax, their downfall. What is the conflict that causes their destruction? It is the king's death which eventually causes Hamlet's own destruction. Hamlet, as the protagonist, is the leading factor that affects the other characters notably Claudius and Gertrude. Claudius as Hamlet's opposite, his opponent and the antagonist of the play would noticeably be influenced by Hamlet's actions. The other characters, especially Ophelia whose demise is intertwined with Hamlet's actions. His refusal of her love, his deception of her, all condemn her to madness and finally her death. ...read more.


This can also express Hamlet's obligation, his obligation to provide her with love. However, this obligation is the surface of the water, so to speak. Hamlet's intentions lie deeper within and this is Ophelia's demise. Her conflict with Hamlet's intentions and her intentions do not bode well with her. Indisputably, the demise of most of the characters results from the conflicts of intention and emotion. We can observe this when Ophelia speaks to Claudius about how, "he promised her wed". The role of Ophelia is the personification of the general role of women. Once again, the domination of Hamlet's objectives clouds her judgment and leads her to conflict. Hamlet's domination and the general dominion of men in this play elucidate the struggles of women, especially Ophelia. Finally, it matters that Ophelia's struggle with Hamlet and with loss of her father drives her to suicide. With her suicide, she is free from her obligation to men, notably Hamlet and uninhibited by the conflict she struggles with. As indicated before, Hamlet, Laertes and Ophelia have a lot in common. ...read more.


The epitome of their conflict is expressed in the final battle. The inner conflict within Claudius inevitably led to an open conflict with Hamlet and finally, to his death. Gertrude is in a similar condition as Claudius. Her incestuous marriage to Claudius was the catalyst for the conflict to begin. Again, the internal conflict within Gertrude evolves into open conflict with Hamlet and undoubtedly leads to her death. These two characters are appropriate examples for the chain of events that led to the downfall of many of the characters in Hamlet. They portray inner struggle translating to external conflict and finally the definite consequence; death. The characters in Hamlet are apposite expressions of the dangers of conflict. The seed of conflict is sown in any individual, in this case, Hamlet, and it grows and eventually affects others. Throughout the play, this is evident. It all started with the murder of Hamlet's father. His desire for revenge progressed into open conflict as he slowly went mad. His relationships with the other characters notably Ophelia, deteriorated. Finally, it was his desire for revenge that killed him and others. It just goes to say, revenge is sweet but the consequences are bitter. Mohapatra 1 ...read more.

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