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The old man and the sea; Book Review.

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The old man and the sea; S3 Book Review The old man and the sea by Ernest Hemingway is a short, however, memorable novel that describes a wise old man's struggle to capture the perfect fish. The novel that was based on Gregorio Fuentes, who befriended Hemingway in 1928, was released in 1952 and earned its author a Nobel prize the same year .It is considered by some to be a shortened version of the classic Moby Dick which was released 101 years before. This essay is gong to discuss the different ways the old man's friendship with the boy exists. ...read more.


The boy also cares for the old man and this is shown when he thinks 'I must get him another shirt and a jacket for the winter and some sort of shoes and another blanket', this shows that the boy also knows the old man well because he is able to make a quick list of all the things the old man will need. Another example of the boy's care for the old man is when he says 'I would like to go. If I cannot fish with you, I would like to serve you in some way.' This shows that the boy believes that he is in debt to the old man, for the old man taught him how to fish. ...read more.


The old man's answer to this is simply 'I have' which shows that he does not want the boy to worry about him. The story also shows that they have known each other for a long time as they refer back to the time when eighty-seven days past without them catching a fish. They tell of the three weeks after this in which they caught big fish every day. Another example is when the old man refers back to when the boy was five and reminds him that they 'nearly were killed...' To sum up, the old man and the boy have a very good friendship as a result of caring for each other and making decisions to benefit the other. The novel puts across many other points very well including luck and belief also. ...read more.

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