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The prologue refers to Romeo & Juliet as ‘star crossed lovers’. Who in your opinion is most to blame for the deaths of Romeo & Juliet, or are their deaths the result of cruel fate or an accident.

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ROMEO & JULIET The prologue refers to Romeo & Juliet as 'star crossed lovers'. Who in your opinion is most to blame for the deaths of Romeo & Juliet, or are their deaths the result of cruel fate or an accident. Romeo & Juliet is a play about 'star crossed lovers'. Who was to blame for their tragic deaths? In my opinion I think many minor characters were to blame for the lovers deaths. Firstly both Romeo & Juliet's parents were to blame, because they carried on an ancient grudge. Both families were 'alike in dignity', and had equal status in the community, so they were equally to blame for the deaths of Romeo & Juliet. Both families competing against each other continued the 'ancient grudge' trying to be the best, having the most money, being better than the other family in power, wealth and stature. ...read more.


Lord & Lady Capulet chose to leave their daughter in the care of a nurse who was very selfish and manipulative. The nurse did everything she could to make herself happy, she told Juliet that Romeo was the right man for her and did everything she could to help Juliet see Romeo. Lord & Lady Capulet didn't have any idea how their daughter was feeling or what she was doing. They didn't play their role as parents but let someone else try and do their job for them. If they hadn't have left Juliet in the care of the nurse, Lord & Lady Capulet would have known what Juliet was doing. They arranged for Juliet to marry. They shouldn't have, as Juliet was only young and was very vulnerable. ...read more.


The nurse kept their love, affair a secret and did not tell Juliet's parents, but helped Juliet disobey their wishes. The nurse also arranged their wedding night. In spite of all this she still advised Juliet to marry Paris. The nurse was only thinking of herself and not Juliet's future. The nurse got Juliet into this mess and got her confused and heart broken. The nurse played a big part in helping the deaths of the two young lovers and she knew of the feud between their families and the wishes of the Capulet's. The nurse chose to be a mother of a child that was not her own. She made bad decisions that caused these deaths. Romeo & Juliet's deaths weren't fate as there were a lot of people who could have stopped all of these deaths happening. If the two families would have settled their feud then they wouldn't have had to keep their dark secret from their parents. ...read more.

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