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The Punjabi and English language.

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Kalsi 1 Inderpal Kalsi Ms. Christie END 2D3 September 30, 2002. English is a language which is being worldwide. Without it no one would be able to communicate with each other and no one would understand what the other person is trying to say. The Punjabi language is also used, but not as frequent as English. Punjabi is frequently spoken in India. This language descends from an Indo-European which has more than half the languages people speak around the world with one another. English is a language which is used worldwide to communicate with each other and interact. It is a must learn language since without it you would not be able to get a job or find out what is happening around the world. ...read more.


Punjabi is not a very Kalsi 2 popular language, especially in America, Europe and Australia and it is not spoken as often as English is. My family has used the Punjabi language for many years. My mother's brother was the first one ever to learn Canadian-English. He came to Canada looking for better living conditions, health care and more opportunities to explore his career. To find a job he had to learn English, to communicate with other people he had communicate in English. My mother's other 2 brothers were the second and third ones in my family to learn the English language. ...read more.


People who speak Punjabi would pronounce October "Ok-tu-br" and America "Um-reek-a". Majhhi, Sikraiki, Hindko, Dogri and Langur are just a few dialects in the Punjabi language. English is a Kalsi 3 language which is not used in my family frequently. The only time we might use it is when we relate to Months, Places and the days. The English language is used worldwide, therefore people must learn this language in order to communicate and interact with people. English is important to us, because we need to develop well communication skills to prepare our self's for the real world. Work, school government and politics, auctions and bids over the internet. These are the areas where English is a must. Without it we would never succeed in these fields. ...read more.

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