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The Recent Influences of Western Culture in China

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Yuchong (Sandy) Lu Alex Hart English 112, Section 04D November 21, 2005 The Recent Influences of Western Culture in China During the Cultural Revolution of 1966 to 1976, the Chinese had been spending most of their times trying to deny many cultural heritages they had rather than improving, modifying and progressing their own culture. This delay in the development of Chinese culture from 1966 to 1976 caused a temporary blank culturally in the entire nation. Many people neither knew what happened nor know what to do. "The adjustment of individuals and groups is related to culture situation." (Thomas 2) Some Chinese referred the Cultural Revolution as the period of madness. After the Cultural Revolution ended, many people were frantically searching for pabulums to fulfill their spiritual hunger. Coincidently at the same time, the Chinese government also changed their foreign policy that allowed western culture to be introduced to China. To many Chinese, the newly entered western culture was their pabulum because they have confused the term modernization with westernization. As a result, in the late 1980's, the fever of following western culture blindly and unconditionally reached its climax. At that time, everything western seemed to be better and higher than anything domestic. ...read more.


These scholars are afraid that English might become a detriment to the Chinese language. Due to its gigantic consumer's and labour market, countless foreign companies and manufacturers are investing huge amounts of money in China. Although this would certainly create myriads of job opportunities as well as accelerating China's already fast-growing economy, it would also greatly increase the demand of English as second language speakers. Statistics shows that the gross trading value between China with the European Union and the North America was USA $1250 billion in 2004. With this attractive number and the rapidly expanding future between China and other English speaking countries in trades and commerce, some Chinese people focused more on how to communicate properly and accurately in English rather than concentrating to improve their Chinese language skills. For that reason, if more and more students choose to learn English as their major or minor in universities, it would decrease the number of people that would potentially choose to learn Chinese instead. Since "being arguably the most influential language of globalization, the English language remains a pivotal language," (Ooi, 1) many Chinese regard English as the ticket to a better future. ...read more.


some Chinese have lost the ability to judge what is acceptable in one culture and what is unacceptable in another culture. They forgot the fact that not long ago, many Chinese couples still believe that not only it is against the law, it is also a moral misconduct to have sex without marriage. Being one of the important elements of culture, moral concepts of the Chinese people have also changed. Culture is defined as "the customs and beliefs, art, way of life and social organization of a particular country or group" (285) in the dictionary. Ever since the opening-up policy introduced in China after the Cultural Revolution ended, the Chinese youth has apparently embraced western culture. They enjoy hanging out with their friends while eating at any one of the 600 McDonald's or any one of the 1000 KFC's on the streets; they enthusiastically cheer for their favorite Italian soccer team; they infatuatedly collect pictures and autographs of their favorite NBA player. After the years of from simply absorbing to the current modifying until finally to reflect and create its own cultures in the future, China will experience an unavoidable process. While China joins the world party of globalization, western culture is silently yet heavily impacting the current Chinese culture. ...read more.

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