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The Return of Hysteria

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The Return of THE Hysteria The teenage sexual lust and desire of young men in Salem, Massachusetts forces young girls to tell hysterical lies that led to the corruption of a community and 19 deaths.Reported by Becker Lo Over 40 years after the successful opening of Arthur Miller's seductive play in 1953, the new movie version of "The Crucible" directed by Nicholas Hytner, filled the silver screen with visual energy and passionate acting. The director effectively adapted the play about the infamous Salem witch trials of 1692 in to the film. The film depicts how hysteria of potential malevolence and intolerance can isolate and tear a community apart. Hytner opens the scene with a gang of town girls and a slave, Tituba, hiding in the woods participating a ritualistic dance that involves drinking blood. ...read more.


For this reason, Abigail began to launch her vengeance on Elizabeth, her lover John Proctor's wife. As the movie progresses, the use of unconventional cinema filming techniques are brought into action. For example: John proctor confessed the adulteration he had with Abigail to Elizabeth. The viewers of the movie observed the struggle of john with his conscious when the camera looks down the long table at him. The close-up shots are use when the two begin to discuss about their former servant Abigail. The physical distance between John and Elizabeth establishes the emotion distance of them two. This physical sensation from the movie greatly adapts the tension when perceiving the play. Furthermore, the director uses military sound tracts to highlight the importance Danforth arrival. ...read more.


In the beginning of the movie John struggles with his own conscious, but eventually found purification. The incendiary acting by Lewis terrifically portrays the ionic relationship between Abigail and Elizabeth. Abigail Williams played by Winona Ryder brings the character to life. Ryder's facial expression portrays the motives and evilness distinctly. This then position the audience to see how a straightforward affair could cause such devastating tragedy in the community. In conclusion, Director, Nicolas Hytner has succesfully fore grounded the central themes in the play which was later adapted to the film. Themes such as, social injustice, hysteria, reputation, and internal and external righteousness was effectively converted to the big screen. This form of film has been a long coming for Hollywood. Without doubt, by any criteria, this movie is a much watch. . ("The Crucible" directed by Nicholas Hytner) ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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