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The Role of Alfieri

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The Role of Alfieri Alfieri was born in Italy and at the age of twenty-five, migrated to America, where he has settled in well with the American standards and is leading a happy life in his fifties. He keeps within the Sicilian traditions, yet he leads his profession, following the American law. He is a well-qualified lawyer who is sympathetic towards the Italian immigrant families. Due to his occupation, he is treated with a degree of suspicion, yet with a great deal of respect. The community in the play respect Alfieri and view him as the authoritative figure in the play. Alfieri is a man of power, extreme and knowledge. He uses his status in accordance with up coming occasions. Alfieri wants the best for everyone, and tries his best to help others. Alfieri has been involved with the Carbone family from when Eddie's father was in time of trouble, and now he is dealing with Eddie. Eddie looks upon Alfieri like a 'God-like' figure, turning to Alfieri at times of crisis, not only as a lawyer but also as a friend. In return, Alfieri advises Eddie, leading him to the straight path, within the American law standards but their Sicilian morals lead them to more problems. ...read more.


Alfieris character represents the division between law and justice because he knows that his Sicilian standards can no get in the way of the American Law "the law is only a words for what has a right to happen." The audience listens to Alfieri, for many reasons. Firstly, he is revealed as trustworthy because Eddie only expresses his feelings when with Alfieri, showing us that Alfieri is a good person to talk to. They respect his opinion because he is a lawyer, but they also like his character and can connect with his position in the play. The way, in which Alfieri continuously refers to the fact that he is powerless, makes the audience feel sympathetic towards him. His power in the play is quite important because he is the only one that can dissuade Eddie from doing wrong. He realises that he is powerless when Eddie goes his own way and refuses to listen to anyone, not even Alfieri. I feel that Arthur Miller has used Alfieri as a character to view his own thoughts, due to the result of the misinterpretation of the 'crucible'. Another theme that Arthur Miller uses Alfieri to portray, it that of repetition. ...read more.


Despite all that happens and Eddies mistakes in life, in a way, Alfieri still likes him. "...I think I will love him more than all my sensible clients..." this shows us Alfieri thinks that Eddie is much more sensible in comparison with his other clients. Alfieri feels related to Eddies situation and this brings a sense of closeness between them. After each high tension scene, Alfieris openings to the next calms the audience down just like he does in the final scene, when Eddie dies and he then goes over eddies life taking the audience away from the scene and to the end. Alfieri lets the audience know that the upcoming events will be 'bloody' in conclusion. This is when he sets the mind of the audience. Without Alfieri in the play, the audience wouldn't be able to find out what the characters were thinking and their feelings would not be clearly visible to the audience. Alfieri is suitable for his play and its circumstances and I personally feel that Millers has thoughtfully adapted Alfieris two roles towards the audience aswell as the play. His character of being a lawyer is probably the most affective character and role in the play because he gives us the moral of the play, which in result, proved to be correct; " it is better to settle for half...". ...read more.

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