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The Secret. She stood barefoot, on the smooth concrete road outside her house, breathing heavily

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´╗┐The Secret She stood barefoot, on the smooth concrete road outside her house, breathing heavily, it took her a few moments to register what had just happened. Thick red blood dripped from the knife she held in her hand and slowly seeped into the cracks between the cold concrete. ?Katie!? she heard his voice, and opened her eyes instantly only to find herself lying in her bedroom. Her face was wet with sweat and fear was clearly visible in her eyes. She instantly sprung up and looked around but there was no one else in the house. A few days ago she had ran away from New York, changing her long blonde hair into short brunette and her name to Lisa. She now lived in a small house in Atlanta and worked as a waitress in a nearby hotel. Keith Collins a cop in New York was trying to hunt down Katie, the last time he saw her was at the New York airport but before he could reach her, she was gone. ...read more.


He took a copy of the videos recorded by the security cameras at the airport and left for his office. He repeatedly looked at the video clippings but the number of flights and passengers were too many, he couldn?t see Katie anywhere. It seemed as if the case was coming to a dead when suddenly he saw a face which resembled her, he zoomed the image to make it more clear. It was her! She had completely changed, ?that?s why the people at the airport didn?t recognize the picture? he thought to himself. He made a few calls to the airport and found out the flight which Katie had boarded landed at Atlanta and so he edited her old picture to make it seem like her current look and sent it to all the police stations saying ?Murder suspect? at Atlanta. ...read more.


She froze for a while, as her mind replayed memories of the day when her husband was severely drunk and tried to choke her to death. ?I had no option!? Katie screamed at him as tears welled her eyes. ?I loved you so much, how could you do this to me?? Keith replied. ?Love? You?re a monster! You hit me, you tried to kill me. Just look at yourself Keith, your drunk!?. He took a few steps closer to her and said ?Your coming home with me, now!? She started panicking and so she went closer and hugged him. Keith smiled and said ?I knew you you?d come back, baby?. ?I?m not going anywhere with you Keith.? She said in a very low voice ans suddenly took the gun out of this back pocket and pushed him away. She pointed the gun at him and said ?I?m not making the same mistake I did last time, this time it?s a final goodbye darling?. ...read more.

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