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The story The Cellmate is in essence a tale about two lawless guys in the town of Whitesburg Kentucky

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´╗┐The story The Cellmate is in essence a tale about two lawless guys in the town of Whitesburg Kentucky. Andy, the moonshine brewer trying to escape the sheriff and Lloyd, the kid accused of murder. Whitesburg Kentucky was not a bustling metropolis in the year of 1925 ? but it was and all right town. As Andy puts it ?it was the center of trade, law and information.? Andy had to choose a new spot for his still and he knew many others had their stills along the stream, so he wanted to put his still away from the stream, up at a dry ridge. It meant he had to build some sort of pipeline, but it was alright with him ? he seems to be the kind of man who wants to go a little extra, to get that little extra. He is also described as a person, who does not give much about authorities. He is somewhat teasing the sheriff and he finds it amusing that he cannot catch him. Lloyd on the other hand is this quiet, shy and special boy. Mostly Andy?s friend Annie?s father had taken care of him in despite of his illegitimacy. No one had ever expected that he could do anything like it. ...read more.


It is not written anywhere, but in the night, Lloyd puts his own blanket over Andy, who is shivering in the cold. This may not seem like a lot, but to a boy like Lloyd, it truly is. Next day when Andy wakes up, Lloyd is long gone, he has been executed and Andy is free to go again. On his way home, he bought ingredients for his moonshine, but he went to feed the chestnut mare some sugar, as Lloyd had wanted it ? a desperate attempt to do something good and repay Lloyd?s humble help in the night. Andy seems like a fine person throughout the story, he is not a big time criminal, at least he is no murderer just as Lloyd ? but this is really just a matter of perspective. Andy is portrayed very calm and he makes an impression on the reader, which is very positive. Lloyd is portrayed as this rather odd figure; he ends up being someone who you cannot trust because of his abnormal behaviour. But in essence, the real problem is, that Lloyd only ends up in prison, because he tries to satisfy his mother. His only support has passed away and then he made one desperate try to get some love into his life. ...read more.


There is also something ironical in the sentence ?reaffirmed his belief that this was truly God's country? ? which really stands as a contrast to the fact, that the story is so far away from what God intended with the world. In the ending paragraph Andy decides to feed the horse some of his sugar, even though he says it means he will not have enough for his moonshine. But does this mean he has really changed? He says ?He would fix the loose shoe, brush her, and give her a taste of sugar now and then.? Which may mean, that he has an idea of rethinking himself. ?fixing the loose shoe? might refer to fixing his own ?loose shoes? and make it up for his own wrongs ? one can only hope. Andy does show some sort of compassion in the end. After he asked the sheriff who would take care of the horse and he replied that he did not care, it seemed as Andy indentified himself with Lloyd?s problems. One can change and sometimes it involves drastic measures. Just like the population of Whitesburg never understood why Lloyd acted like he did, the reader in this text may never know why Andy acted like he did. It is never too late to grow and it is never too late to acknowledge your own mistakes. ...read more.

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