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The Taming of the Shrew: In Petruchio's Trash

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In The Taming of the Shrew, Petruchio is one of the main characters and aides in the flow of the plot. He is what some would call the male version of a "gold digger"; someone looking to marry solely for financial gain instead of focusing on what most look for-chemistry (or attraction), morals, overall character, and, most importantly, love. From this piece of information alone, Petruchio's character and beliefs are revealed quite clearly as we are able to infer that he is only looking for one thing. His desire for money is his first priority, whether it comes along with an "angel", or, in this case, a shrew. After learning of Petruchio's mannerism, it should be of no surprise to learn of the lengths he would go to get what he wants. ...read more.


This could mean that after Petruchio's unsuccessful attempt to find wealth through a newspaper, he was off to Padua where, incidentally, he met Katherina. Petruchio must have bought this next item after he met Katherina since it is a self-help book aptly entitled "My Future Wife Wears the Pants in our Relationship: A Guide for Men Trying to Secure the Pants Before Marriage". There is absolutely no way that Petruchio would have bought this book while in Verona, as his mind-set was to find a rich woman of any sort. After learning of Katherina's character-rude, ill-tempered, loud, shrewd, violent, impatient, and many more-is it any wonder as to why Petruchio would purchase an item as this? It seems that not only is Petruchio in great need of money, but also control and authority. ...read more.


This is not just any old paper, but a very important list. This list is one which outlined Petruchio's plans for with the dowry he would receive after marrying a wealthy woman. After Petruchio marries Katherina, we can see subtle changes in Petruchio's character. The subtle changes that we see in Petruchio's character help us realize that not only is Petruchio unconcerned about getting rich, he is falling in love with Katherina. By throwing away this list, Petruchio can wholeheartedly proclaim that he "isn't in it for the money". The items found when one snoops through Petruchio's garbage should be no surprise at all. Granted, the items found in Petruchio's garbage would not be found in most male newlywed's garbage, but the compilation of these items is what makes Petruchio...Petruchio. "An Inside Look at Petruchio's Trash" Student: Monique Roopanram Teacher: Ms. Kirshenblat Course: ENGID5-01 Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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