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The Taming of the Shrew

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In The Taming of the Shrew, Petruchio's seemingly attempts to get Kate to love him makes readers believe that he is a chauvinistic bully but in the end, his strategy which led many to judge is harsh, consists of a caring therapist. In this essay will contain the experiments used by Petruchio to obtain the love and compassion of Kate, the three tests performed by Kate to see if she is loyal to her husband and the conclusion of the play which allows the reader to believe that Petruchio's actions are clever. Firstly, Petruchio's scheme to bend Kate to his will by pretending to act like her concludes in the love of Kate towards him. During the whole play, Petruchio decides to act like Kate, who is sharp tongued and quick tempered, to "tame" the shrew. ...read more.


Secondly, on the way back to Padua, Petruchio tries three tests on Kate to see if she is loyal to him after what has transpired the past day. To prove her loyalty towards Petruchio, Kate was never to oppose to what her husband said. The first test transpires during midday. Petruchio remarks on how dazzlingly the moon is shining, and when Kate counters that the sun is shining, he refuses to go on with the trip until she affirms that it is the moon. Having no more power to go against what Petruchio says, Kate admits that it is indeed the moon that is shinning. The second test occurs when they pass an old man on the road to Padua, and Petruchio says that, in effect, the old man is a young maid. In addition, he requests Kate to embrace the maid. ...read more.


However, his actions have concluded that he is indeed an intelligent and thoughtful therapist. Thirdly, in the end of the play, when the three husbands put a wager on who will arrive on their command, Kate's true loyalty towards Petruchio is shown at what time she is the only one amongst the three wives who returns to her husband when she is asked. Leading to their revisit, Petruchio remarks that he detests Kate's hat and tells her to throw it off. She obeys at once. In addition, Kate presents a speech on the task that wives owe to their husbands. During this scene, we can finally prove that what Petruchio has done to "tame" the shrew was successful even though it was somewhat a type of bully. Nonetheless, his ideas were one of a caring and clever therapist. From an angry, short tempered disrespectful lady, Kate became a loyal, compassionate and respectful wife. ...read more.

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