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The tempest

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Examine act 2, scene 2 closely. How does the scene affect Your understanding of the characters Caliban and prospero. Prospero plays an important role within "The Tempest" Shakespeare uses his character to portray sympathy and convey empathy to both the viewer and reader. He does this by the by using such a misleading plot "wronged by his step brother", and misleading first impression of characters and use of language, clearly portraying his character as one which Shakespeare feels misfortune upon. Prospero's presence in "The Tempest" is important, and brutal amongst other characters, therefore has a general overpowering characteristic. Prospero's character has a great desire for knowledge; however this kind of desire for magical knowledge eventually causes Prospero to get into trouble. Causing him to no longer be aware of all the issues and important matters that concern him as a duke of Milan , thus allowing his brother to compete for his title. Although Shakespeare tries to show concern and uses sympathetic language towards this character, through his unfair loss of the "Duke of Milan" which creates an unbalance within the plays good and bad. ...read more.


He has not been civilized to the rules of social communication and, instead, functions as the animals in the forest by obeying the instincts of nature. Prospero's slave, sometimes referred to as a monster creature of some sort by other characters, Caliban is the son of Sycorax who is a witch. He is a complex figure, and he mirrors other characters in the play. Caliban once lived as sole ruler of his island but when Prospero's brother stranded Prospero in the island, Prospero took the island by force. Straight from the real natives hands leaving him with nothing but a meaningless status as a slave. Caliban attempts to create sympathy in the readers mind by continually bringing up his unjust story which is very similar to Prospero's situation, whose brother stole his dukedom. On the other hand, Caliban is a simple character which resembles a very pre man Neanderthal character with his inhuman appearance and his lack of ability to communicate properly but he also has a very simple desire for power over what he feels is rightfully his island this is similar to Antonio's actions to gain the title as "Duke of Milan" by overthrowing his brother Prospero. ...read more.


In Act 2 scene 2 it shows a major part to his character, towards the end he decides to overcome his fear and refuses to obey his master's orders. "I'll bare him no more sticks". This shows frustration within his character, and also that he is one to fight back and rebel and stand for what truly is his. Act 2 Scene 2 affects the readers understanding of the two characters Caliban and Prospero by giving a more in depth look at their unbalanced personalities we discover a wide range if aspects that have jus t been uncovered such as Prospero showing no mercy to either of his slaves may it be a slave who willingly performs his duties or rebels. Caliban shows his false attitude in the direct presence of Prospero but his real nature when he leaves Prospero's presence as an ugly unsightly character who is seeking for revenge no matter what it takes he wants his only show of power his island back within his grasp from the treacherous magical hands of Prospero. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jalal Arshad - The Tempest ...read more.

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