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The Themes of Belonging and Exclusion in "The poems of immigrant chronicles" by Peter Skryzyneck and William Golding's "Lord of the Flies".

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In studying the concept of belonging we discover that is just as much about exclusion as it is part of belonging. Discuss this statement in relation to your prescribed text and one other related text of your choosing. Belonging is a complex and multi-faceted concept which all people innately desire. However though we all feel the instinctive drive to belong it is an understanding and familiarity with people, groups and places which grants us a sense of inclusion or lack there which excludes us. The poems of immigrant chronicles by Peter Skryzyneck clearly allows us to discover that is it just as much about exclusion as it is part of belonging as ?10 Mary Street? explore how belonging can come from relationships and connections and on the other extreme ?St Patrick?s College? demonstrates how exclusion is affiliated with ones identity. Another text ?Lord of the flies? by William Golding also supports the idea that exclusion is just as much as belonging as it delivers the ideas of how belonging is related to acceptance and the other hand how an excluded individual has the potential to enrich or challenge a group. ...read more.


Schooling is supposedly a place which nourishes an individual and promotes ones identity however, this poem challenges this idea through the depiction of a student who is disengaged and struggles to develop a sense of connection. ?Let my light shine?, in this setting Peter was obviously not able to express his identity, the ?light? symbolically represents Peter?s identity which he could not find. The use of first person perspective by the poet allows the readers to personally connect with the student in the school (the poet), this implies he is alone with no identity in this school. Consequently Peter?s lack of identity has further led to his exclusion from the school. Skrzynecki uses a rather unenthusiastic tone through short sentences and the repetition of ?8 years? to create a dull atmosphere to emphasise Peter?s alienation from the school. His school years has appeared long to him due to his lack of interest and estrangement. This idea is further reinforced through to use of simile ?like a foreign tourist? which portrays Peter?s disaffection for the school. The diction ?tourist? suggests that Peter is an outsider and his connection to the place has not been developed due to his lack of identity there. ...read more.


Golding incorporates characterization techniques such as creating Jack as a rebellious, clever character to promote and reinforce Golding?s theme that an individual experiencing exclusion can potential challenge a group. As a result of Jack being excluded from the group, he challenged the group and therefore civilisation goes from unity to anarchy to total polarization in the end. Lord of the flies demonstrates that even when one person is excluded it damages the entire society as they can challenge a group therefore ultimately the importance of exclusion in belonging if there is the slightest exclusion it can potentially bring havoc to belonging all together. In conclusion the immigrant chronicles poems ?St Patrick college? and ?10 Mary street? show that the concepts of belonging are just as much as exclusion as is it is a part of belonging as the major concepts of belonging such as identity is related to exclusion and relationships is linked to belonging. Similarly ?Lord of the flies? also further exemplifies the importance of belonging and exclusion as it has demonstrated belonging can come from acceptance and that the most diminutive exclusion in an individual can cause them to challenge the group and collapse belonging altogether. Ultimately ?belonging? is a complex multi faceted concept which holds ideas of both exclusion and belonging. My conclusion is so bad, needs reforming (altogheter words: 1180, need 1000 ...read more.

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