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The Trial by Franz Kafka is an amalgamation of allegories. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

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?The Trial by Franz Kafka is an amalgamation of allegories?. To what extent do you agree with this statement? The trial explores the Christian ideology of the fallen man and his deep sense of guilt. The nature of the guilt is never exposed to the reader; additionally Kafka goes onto to convey the Court as a corrupt bureaucratic system where Josef K. is portrayed as this cog in this enormous machine that is the justice system. We learn this in the first sentence ?Somebody must have made a false accusation against Josef K. for he was arrested one morning without having done anything wrong?. The first word ?Somebody? creates this sense of ambiguity, who would do something like this to K.? ...read more.


The reoccurring dialogues set in liminal spaces such as windows, doorways, corridors and staircases are motifs used by Kafka to heighten the sense of paranoia and concealment in K. These places symbolise potentiality, possibilities and observation also the fact that K. is not taken away to a police station but still under arrest creates this ironic notion of being free to an extent. Furthermore K.?s burning desire for freedom inside him to tear away is expressed by Kafka numerous times but K. doesn?t run away instead surrenders himself to the justice system maybe out of curiosity to find out the reason behind his arrest or knowing that the justice system is constantly monitoring him that in a way Kafka is saying that K.'s arrest is not a dream but an inescapable reality. ...read more.


In conclusion ?The Trial? is to an extent a patchwork of allegories as many characters in the novel symbolise and reflect specific ideas and concepts especially themes to do with the bureaucratic system and how it is dysfunctional in Kafka?s portrayal of it. However ?The Trial? also includes views that are also perceived through different interpretations of being the truth about what the legal system is like and many people share similar views to those conveyed by Kafka in ?The Trial? so on the other hand The Trial is not a completely a patchwork of allegories but contains to an extent direct presentations of themes and does not just symbolise ideas through characters. ...read more.

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