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The Truman Show

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Describe a character or individual in the text that you either admired OR disliked. Explain how verbal and / or visual features in the text were used to make you admire or dislike the character or individual. The Truman Show is a comedy-drama directed by Peter Weir and casted by Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank. In the movie, Truman discovers that he has been filmed and watched by millions of people on a television show around world since he was born. Truman has developed in a positive way throughout the movie and he is a significant character in The Truman Show. Truman is a funny and spontaneous person because he is unaware that he is being watched and captured by thousands of hidden cameras around the city. ...read more.


It is true of what Truman says because those people are just actors and those are their roles in the show. As he becomes more and more aware that he is watched by someone he starts to fight for his freedom of movements and owning of privacy. He tries to find out the truths behind his life and does something he is fear of. Truman drives over the water and gets on the boat even though he has a fear of water. It shows me his determination of getting out of Seahaven and courage. He determines to go out into the real world and experience a life without being plotted by someone else. ...read more.


At the ending of The Truman Show movie, when Truman is on the stairs beside the wall, Christof speaks to Truman from above. Christof appears to be 'God- like' and convinces Truman to stay in his utopia. It is ironic of how Truman is in 'heaven' but he still rejects the 'heaven' because he knows it is false place for him and walks through the door into reality. It is a huge decision for Truman but it is a decision that will give him another chance to live a 'real' life In conclusion, Truman proves everyone wrong about him. He turns out to be a brave, intelligent and moral person. He fights for his rights of freedom and knowing the truths. Truman is a True- man who stands up for manipulations from everyone and illusions after all. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nutrada(Mint) Opassathavorn 11MP ...read more.

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