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The two directors Baz Lurhman and Zefferelli both presented the style, pace, tone and mood of the two Shakespeare film in different ways.

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Comparing the two sequences The two directors Baz Lurhman and Zefferelli both presented the style, pace, tone and mood of the two Shakespeare film in different ways. Baz Lurhman version of the pace is slow. The pace for this version is slow due to a lot of time spent on the opening scene. It focuses on telling us about the film and what it's about and also the view of where it was set and not to forget it also spends time on telling us about the two sworn enemies and their characters. The mood is dark, aggressive and more dramatic because after the prologue the music hits you and the tone of voice was like a loud speaker beaten with extreme energy into the atmosphere. Whereas Zefferelli version was in the 16th century and it follows the script of Shakespeare the way it was wrote. Although the pace is fast, this could be because in the opening scene they got on with the play by using low camera angle shots. ...read more.


During the flashing of clips u see a man been held down on a mattress by a police man. Every clips of it shows a gun. The city doesn't look like an Italian city it was made to look like New York. This prologue also lets us know that they catholic. The form of text they used was white text on black screen, using newspaper to show lines of the prologue. The sort of music played in this sequence was a dramatic music and orchestra music been played. Although in this prologue it was a male voice been used, the tone of voice was deep but told in bold written on a newspaper with characters pictures on it. The third version of the prologue is presented very far and the sorts of expression shown on the face of the Capulet parents were sad and also were the Montague parents. The expression shown on Mercutio face was him feeling or ready to kill someone. ...read more.


A leather jacket used to let us viewer know his religious because inside the jacket theirs a big image of Jesus on the inner clothe he was wearing. In my point of view I think his vain and fashionable. His character is showing has confident, arrogant and sharp, you can tell by the way he holds his gun. He holds it in a calm and cool way, knows that his in control and a well known leader and a very good sharpshooter. Once is sword is drawn it's something to be feared of. The way he also walks is cool calm and collected. The presentation of the two versions is both equally dramatic even though Zefferelli fight scene shows more chaos and bloodshed. But they both show the anger between both families clearly. The director's expectation is trying to capture young viewer especially student, trying to bring Shakespeare to life. In conclusion I would rather watch Baz Lurhman due to his understanding of kids. He knew what kids of now days like so he made it spectacular, sexy and fashionable. Tim Adesunloro Mrs Hulbert English Coursework ...read more.

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