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The Ultimate Gift- Give blood

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The Ultimate Gift Why should we give blood? Giving blood is a simple way to make a big difference. Imagine a family member lying on a hospital bed; there are many reasons why they might be there. Could they have suffered a heart attack and need to undergo open-heart surgery? Could it be a newborn baby with a heart defect and need a blood transfusion? Or could they have been in a traumatic car crash? All these things can happen. And all these incidents will need your help. It could be life or death for someone, including you! Again, imagine that someone lying on that hospital bed, just lying there appearing lifeless. Their entire family standing around crying and praying for a miracle. That miracle is someone else's blood. That miracle could be you! You could make that difference in someone else's life. Imagine that feeling. Now imagine that you're that person lying on the hospital bed and there was no one to help you, how would you feel? ...read more.


Other conditions excluding potential donors are being pregnant, having low iron or having a cold or the flu. However, those who are currently taking any medications such as aspirin, allergy medication, sleeping pills and Tylenol are still eligible to donate, as are those who have received a hepatitis B vaccine. Most importantly though... Are you at least 17 years old? Do you weigh 110 pounds or more? Do you consider yourself to be fairly healthy? If yes to all of these, you should be donating blood every 2 months. I'm hoping most of you by now are considering giving blood, and I'm sure most of you are wondering what it entails. Blood donating is a effortless and relatively painless procedure that will help save lives. For those of you who haven't donated blood before, the process is so simple and easy. First, all you need is a type of identification and to fill out an information form about sexual history and health. Then they will perform a mini physical where by they will take a drop of blood, take your blood pressure, temperature and pulse. ...read more.


This time last year, I made this exact speech to a college. They were so touched by the end of it that 100 pupils made a donation there and then. That's 500 lives they saved. You will get your chance at the end to do the same. Now that you know how much of a difference one donation can make, I want to encourage you to take action. I urge you to take a stand and become a regular blood donor, 45 minutes out of your day is a small price to pay for the lifetime of satisfaction of knowing that you have saved a life. Finally, I ask all of you to think of that loved one, imagine they need a blood transfusion and there is a shortage of blood that day so they cant get the treatment that they so desperately need... Go to nearest Red Cross and do your bit, experience a feeling you would never have felt before. Please take this opportunity to save lives and make your self feel like a million pounds, give the ultimate gift - the gift of life, donate blood. Alex Roberts ...read more.

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